February 21, 2017 / Yarden Leshem

Why can UGC Video Marketing Campaigns be Life-Changing for Your Brand?

How many “likes” do you have on your Facebook page? How many people follow your brand on Twitter or have subscribed to your YouTube channel?

Did you know that that number can serve you a great deal if you decide running a user generated content marketing campaign, especially if you make it video-related. After all, we all know how popular video is.

Your brand’s followers can become key to raising organic exposure, brand awareness and engagement scores. So, what else can user generated video content give marketers that other campaigns can’t?

Running UGC video campaigns is cheaper

ugc video marketing campaigns can be life-changing for your brand - they're cheaper

Gartner’s Spend Survey 2015- 2016 reveals that marketers spend 11% of their company revenues on marketing in 61% of cases, and the spend seems to grow yearly.

So while rivers of money are flowing out of marketing budgets, user generated content video campaigns offer companies a marketing option that does not require to have deep pockets.  

While it’s true that brands do sometimes offer prizes to their followers, especially if they’re running a contest, these prizes don’t necessarily have to be huge or be hard cash. A good alternative can be your brand product samples or other brands’ goods. Plus, with UGC, you have followers doing marketing for you without rivers of money flowing out of your marketing budget.

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UGC video is more effective

ugc video marketing campaigns can be life-changing for your brand - it's more effective

Did you know, it’s people aged 25-54 who share and create  70% of all UGC? The amplified distribution that comes with your brand’s followers sharing content with each other gets the job done. It is that organic distribution that keeps user generated marketing videos away from banner blindness and ad blockers - something that you usually experience using regular marketing videos.

Say you’re running a UGC video contest, chances are your brand’s followers would want to share the content they’ve created for your brand with others in order to win. As a brand, you’d benefit from what’s called “multiplier effect” - the more people talk about your brand, the more brand awareness, engagement and exposure you’d get.

For example, imagine you start running a UGC campaign, asking your brand’s followers to tell 5 things they like about your product. Each video created can look something like this:


 It’s search engine - friendly

As more and more content is created for your site, the more popular your brand becomes - and not only among communities, but search engines too. After all, you get more content created for your brand, be it blog or social media channels content. As the power of your brand ambassadors becomes known to search engines, you get more traffic.

UGC video fosters trust

ugc video marketing campaigns can be life-changing for your brand - fosters trust

You’ve probably heard that user generated content stands higher on the “trust scale” than any other content. It’s no surprise that user generated content marketing videos on YouTube get 10x more views, then. Not only that, in today’s world people don’t just want to see brands’ products; they want to experience them - running user generated content video campaigns is a great way to give them the experiences they crave.

All in all, UGC content can be a very wise strategy for your brand to follow if you want to engage in a continuous conversation with your audience.

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