January 10, 2017 / Katya Fainbark

Video Whisperer: Nike's Branded Video Series #TimeIsPrecious

How do you spend your time? I bet a ton of it goes to scrolling through your social media feeds, messing with your phone, deciding on pictures, watching shows - the list can go on and on...It’s precisely these digital habits that Nike has decided to break with their new “Time is precious” branded web series campaign.

So, What’s The Branded Web Series About?

Nike’s new branded videos seem to remind us that time is worth way more than news feeds, video games and celebrity crushes. All these things we spend so much time on can basically fit into 30 seconds, saving more precious time for the important stuff like health and running. Aside from being a great inspiration to get healthy, the videos also serve as an encouragement for others to make branded video content at scale.

What’s The Result?

This online video series first appeared on December 10, 2016 with 7 more episodes to follow; and it already has a combined total of close to 1M views, is mentioned in some of the most popular media outlets like Adweek and gets deserved attention on Twitter.

Have a look at the impressive work:



 You get the idea:)

What makes this branded web series interesting is the format. The use of high contrast only adds to the well-defined video composition. You’ve also got a simple white-on-black graphics, making it easier to focus on the message.

Choosing a video format like this actually means you are flexible in terms of who can make such videos for you - even your communities can pitch in, so you don’t have to create everything in-house. That way, your communities automatically become brand ambassadors.

The fact that Nike has chosen not to use any specific soundtrack but rather a voiceover connects users to the message even on a deeper level. The voiceover itself seems to be in sync with the simplicity of it all: what you hear is a uniform voice all across the series - a feature that also makes it fun.

What’s more, throughout all the branded web series one can’t help but notice how wisely the text is used. Being short, it keeps users from being overwhelmed with information.

Coming back to turning your communities into brand ambassadors, you can ask your community members (not without a reward, of course:)) to do a voiceover for the script you give them. What you get in the end are authentic, non-marketing, yet convincing branded videos.

With all these great choices, making a series with such level of simplicity is kind of like walking on thin ice since people can get bored looking at the same graphics with the same voice tone, but that’s where the short nature of these videos serves as a big saver - each of them is only about 30 seconds long (or even less). My guess is, Nike knew that human attention span is only 8 seconds and took full advantage of that, making their videos as short as possible. If you are hunting for tips for creating web series, that’s a good one to take with you:)

Such branded video content, especially if created by someone from your community, works great on social media. It’s a perfect example of snackable content that is unique and vital, if you want to instantly grab attention. Needless to say, it is catchy - the amount of views, comments and engagement speaks for itself. Plus, you can get videos in which other people talk about your products - something that’s usually accepted with more warmth on social media than brands-only talk.

One thing is clear, Nike knows how easy and productive making branded videos at scale can be: the videos don’t need to be long and fancy to really catch attention.

Food For Thought

The best part is, you don’t even have to have Nike’s reputation or budgets, it all depends on the tools you’ve got. Plus, who said Nike s the only one that can succeed with branded web series? If you or your community are up for creating some, our Showbox crew will be happy to help:)

Next time on “The Video Whisperer”: up for some tacos? Get ready to see how Taco Bell is using branded video at scale to mix things up in marketing.


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