March 06, 2017 / Arielle Grinshpan

Video Whisperer: KFC’s Wild Stand on UGC Marketing

KFC has been spoiling us with southern goodies since 1930. It has gathered quite a follower base over these years. To treat its followers for their loyalty and support and to generate more awareness for it’s new product - Extra Crispy Boneless, KFC decided to run a #HowdoyouKFC user generated content marketing campaign on social, digital and traditional media.

So, what is this UGC marketing campaign about?

Celebrating its long-lasting connections with KFC customers, this campaign focused on video content created by the brand’s followers. It kicked off with an ad featuring improv actors as KFC fans, telling the world about the food they like to eat at KFC.

This UGC campaign commercial drove emotions through the roof, giving humor the center of the stage by referring to funny life situations every viewer can easily imagine. And also, you cannot watch this commercial without pointing out how wisely personalization has been used in the ad. The actors constantly refer to personal experiences like having a girlfriend or a sister - something that only multiplies positive emotions and good user experience.

Adding to all this...

The commercial wasn’t shot at a fancy studio, but in a home setting, so that viewers see a regular guy’s apartment who simply has a night out with his friends - all this while corresponding with the influencer marketing look and feel, giving the entire campaign a trendy, young and up-to-date vibe.

But it wasn’t only the commercial  that moved things forward for KFC; the brand gave out gift cards on a weekly basis to the most creative participants  to encourage even more engagement.

Diving deeper into this user generated content marketing campaign, to help users understand the campaign from A to Z while protecting its brand, KFC created a set of clear guidelines for all the participants.

If you’re planning to do something similar for your brand, here’s a tip you can take with you: making such UGC campaign guidelines removes unnecessary effort of extra audits and saves time for both, you and your followers.

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What’s the Result?

People created tons of videos for KFC, or as KFC’s senior manager of public relations Rick Maynard has put it: “HowDoYouKFC is really a movement” - and we agree.

If you search Twitter for the hashtag, you’ll automatically see and feel the popularity of the campaign. The hashtag has its own life on Twitter and Facebook - and if you click on these - it seems users don’t seem to stop uploading content even today.

The very nature of the videos for this UGC marketing campaign shows you exactly how KFC nailed #HowDoYouKFC; the videos are funny, reflecting the tone and narrative of that kick-off user generated marketing campaign video.

Here is one of my favorite user generated content videos for this campaign:

A video marketing tip? When making a kick-off video for your next user generated content marketing campaign, it’s best to fit its style and tone to the audience you’re targeting.

In terms of numbers, the brand’s Facebook page likes grew by a mind-blowing 400,000, which automatically translates into more exposure and awareness - the goal of this very successful campaign.

Food for Thought

The idea behind each of such UGC marketing campaigns is to put people's preferences first, while adding your brand into the mix. With user generated content’ abilities to go viral in an organic way, there’s truly no reason why your next UGC video campaign cannot become a movement with a power of its own.

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