December 12, 2016 / Liran Adani

Video Trends 2017: The What's, The Hows & Ideas

16 is closing its doors; 2017 is coming in. As a marketer, you’re probably planning your next marketing budget moves, looking where 2017 can take you. Well, here’s where the video trends river flows in 2017, how to step into it with no fear and what other brands are already doing about it:

Video Storytelling Is In Demand In 2017

“Mom, can you tell me a story?”: the stories and the people have changed, but the wish remains the same - and we think 2017 will prove it for marketers. One of the latest H&M Christmas commercials, direct by the one and only Wes Anderson, is a perfect example of a good story: 

To be in tune with this video trend, you can start by trying to turn your brand’s message into a story. A good way to start would be turning your followers into brand ambassadors. Our 5 Bold UGC Video Campaigns to Steal eBook might help you get started.

Short-Form Video Trend Is Catching On

It’s clear: social media isbe the place for snackable, short-form video, and will stay that way.

 If you’re up for catching the bull by the horns, our suggestion is to  create MORE branded videos. Here’s what we mean: a short,20-40-second long video series.

Ikea’s #JoyOfStorage campaign made up of short marketing videos was a hit in 2016 and will be a part of a bigger video trend in 2017: 

By the way, scaling video creation doesn’t just mean keeping up with the trend. Here are 3 more reasons for marketers to scale video production.

360-Degree Videos Is Here to Stay

Hello new virtual reality - a big part of 2017 video marketing; YouTube and Facebook have already released features supporting such videos.

What’s the video marketing tip here? Making such a video for a business is pretty exciting since all this is relatively new for consumers. For example, you can try creating 360-degree branded videos of your products to allow consumers to view them from different angles.

Barbour does one of the best video marketing jobs using 360 videos. In this case, it’s all about men’s 2017 fashion week show. What’s cool is that they combined actual video elements with the 360-degree feature. Have a look:


Videos In Emails

Because videos in emails have proven to lead to a staggering 200-300% increase in CTRs, what you’ll probably see in 2017 is more and more brands using videos in their emails.

The stats didn’t come from nowhere. In 2016, brands like Adore Me actually used videos in email marketing - and not just videos, but videos with YouTube stars (talking about powerful influencer marketing, huh?):


Extra Video Marketing Tips For 2017 From Experts

Adrian Cordiner, a director of Prozely and Digital Rhinos, advises marketers to keep up with users’ expectations the same way they do with trends. Rich media content such as video and interactive tools should take part in their marketing agenda.

Chris Garrett, an online business consultant (among many of his other talents:)), recommends brands to focus on targeting specific content to niche audiences in 2017, rather than piling it all up in your blogs and pushing it all as one content cluster.   

Last, but far from least, Glen Gilmore - a digital marketing strategist and the author of Social Media Law For Business, points out that marketers will have to speak technology more fluently than they did in 2016. For best video marketing results, they will need to create more branded videos, become best friends with virtual reality and go live with video., the world’s first digital community for restaurant critics, is one of the brands that seem to have caught the flow of video trends. Here’s one of their gastropub video reviews in Hammersmith, UK (which Showbox is proud to be a part of):

This video review tells the story of the brand as well as that particular eat-out place using vibrant colors and video composition, unique to the brand’s narrative.

We all know more trends can be added to the list. UGC video campaigns are a perfect example. Check out our 5 epic UGC video campaigns to steal eBook to get inspired.

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