March 20, 2017 / Yarden Leshem

8 Priceless Video Marketing Tips to Hypnotize Crowds

In marketer’s reality things change quicker than a chameleon; and if you’re not running faster than your competitors, you can get a slap in the face. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles!

But I bet you already have several secret techniques up your sleeve - and standing on the shoulders of giants, absorbing necessary video marketing tips like a sponge from the pros is definitely one of them.

After all, wouldn’t it be awesome to follow somebody else’s tracks on the road? Who needs all the headaches of trying to figure out the best practices for your video marketing strategy? No one, and certainly not you!

Hopefully, this list of 8 expert tips will protect you from the headaches and help you answer the question ‘how to do video marketing’ without costly mistakes:


[1] Woo your audiences with emotions

video marketing tips - woo your audience with emotion

Neil Patel, co-founder of Kissmetrics and Crazy Egg, says that emotions are a big deal on social media. In fact, that’s what makes social networks bloom like flowers in the early spring. In Neil’s own words: “[Humans] like to feel and, when they do, they also like to share it with their friends and family across the social networks.

So, make them angry, sad, happy, excited - anything you want - to give your videos that viral vibe.


[2] Play it hard on Instagram

video marketing tips - play it hard on instagram

Jonathan Long, brand builder and founder of Market Domination Media with more than 11K followers on Twitter, suggests for brands to play it hard on Instagram rather than going all in on Facebook.

Why? Simply because content on Instagram doesn’t get lost in the dark of the news feed amongst ads, texts and announcements of sorts, like it can on Facebook. According to him, Instagram scores lower on the “distractions meter” when it comes to content - you’ve got pics and videos -s’est tout!


[3] Say goodbye to campaign-choking videos

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VidiSEO’s Founder, Matt Ballek, gives a hell of a video marketing tip: get rid of the baggage that slows you down - that is, videos that perform poorly in terms of views and engagement. Yes, it can happen, and if it does - chop down such videos from your marketing campaign immediately.

One thing though, getting to the bottom of what brought such low scores in views and so on can be a big help. Just don’t fall into the same trap in the future!


[4]  Don’t put everything on your shoulders

video marketing tips - don't put everything on your shoulders

Take it from Andrew Nesbit, VP of Community and Partnerships at Course Hero, who has managed to successfully turn the company’s followers into brand ambassadors. Yes, user generated content rules! For him, it’s become the bread and butter of the entire company.

But don’t take my word for it: “Great content drives traffic, which builds the community; that community then contributes more great content, which drives more traffic. It’s what we call the Course Hero value creation loop” - said Andrew Nesbit.

Not convinced? Why not watch a sample video that shows how easy it is to take user generated content and turn it into an authentic product review. Check it out!


[5] Throw expensive video-making gear in the trash


Heard of Casey Neistat? This guy is like the star of YouTube, with several channels and over 6 million subscribers. Pretty neat, huh? So anyway, his “Guide to Filmmaking” video has over 3 million views - and for a good reason!

I guess if you would ask Casey what would his biggest video marketing tip be, he would answer: “Gear does not matter!” Casey, with a looot of charisma, tells us that if it did, guys with deep pockets would always win. See for yourself:


[6] All eyes on the first 10 seconds


Brian Dean, Backlinko’s Founder reveals that putting all your eggs into the first 10 seconds of your videos is one of the best video marketing practices you can do. It is these first 10 seconds that help viewers figure out why the hell they should put in the time to watch your videos.

Use these first 10 seconds wisely and let people know what’s inside that entertaining video of yours. For Brian Dean, focusing on it turned into a boost in audience retention.


[7] Lost in translation?

video marketing tips - lost in translation

Drilling deeper into our video marketing techniques and tips list, we came down to video tags. Who says you can’t translate your video tags to other languages to get more coverage and exposure? M-Star Media Shaun McKnight’s honest tip is to do just that! Afterwards, get your video content out on several content curation sites to see which tags perform best. And hey, remember that there’s no way to make everyone happy!


[8] Think young

video marketing tips - think young

David D. Burstein, author of “Fast Future: How the Millennials Generation is Shaping Our World”, says companies who live without Millennials in their minds “do so at [their] own peril”. In short, if you’re not up for thinking young when launching a video marketing campaign, you risk getting eaten by your competition that constantly try to run after the biggest consumer force.

Phew! You got to the very end of the post! This list of video marketing tips should keep you going for a while. If you’re up for learning more about how to do video marketing, maybe we can help.

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