August 19, 2015 / Liran Adani

5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs A Video ASAP | Showbox

No matter what kind of website you have - product or service - there’s no way around it: you need video. You know it, we know it, the whole internet knows it! Maybe you haven’t created a video because it seems like a big pain, or maybe you just haven’t mustered up the motivation. Well, allow us to light a fire under your proverbial butt! It’s time to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. 

WARNING: This article will motivate you to take online video creation more seriously, and help you understand why you need to make it a priority.

1) Statistics Don’t Lie: Video Is Where It’s At
reasons why your website needs a vieo asap

By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. On top of that, approximately one in four (24% or 59 million) American adults age 18+ watch original video content each month, up 13% from a year ago (22%; 52 million). It’s clear video is more important to consumers than ever before. In a fast paced world, where we spend most of our day staring at screens and reading emails, being treated to an informational and engaging video can make all the difference.

2) Control Your Story

Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to communicating your business or product. You wouldn’t walk into an important meeting, hand your customer a file, and simply say, “It’s all in there, just look thru it.”
No. You walk in there with bells on! You deliver a succinct explanation, clearly communicating your ideas in an engaging and genuine way. Creating an online video for your website allows you to do that for every single person that comes to your website.
This whole video thing is starting to seem like a no-brainer by now, eh?

3) It Will Make Your Life Easier
reasons why your website needs a video asap
Say goodbye to those long, rehearsed “I’ve said this a million times” speeches to explain what you do. Having a video explanation means that once you put in the work to make the video - the video will keep on doing the work for you! When your website has a video introduction, then consumers don’t waste any time hunting to figure out the most basic question of all: what is this?

4) When Your Story Is Sharable, Your Business Will Grow.
reasons why your website needs a video asap
A study by McKinsey (a business management consulting firm) reported word of mouth as the primary factor behind 20 to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions.
‘Word-of-mouth’ these days is more like ‘word of fingers’ because the internet is the place where people do comparison shopping and check peer reviews before buying. When your website has an easily sharable video, it gives your best customers the opportunity to easily explain and share your business with their friends and family. And when only 28% of US small businesses are selling their products online (source: SBA), your video will keep you ahead of the curve.

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5) It’s what they’re asking for.
reasons why your website needs a video asap
4 out of 5 consumers say that a video showing how a product or service works is important. A quick explanation tells them that you respect their time. Then all they need to do is sit back, relax, watch your video, and decide whether or not to spend more time on your website.
With Showbox’s video creation tools, we can help make that decision a good one!  Sign up for our beta, and we’ll help you create great looking video online, quickly, easily, and for free (they say you can’t have it all, but we disagree).

Your story. Your show.

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