September 16, 2016 / Yarden Leshem

5 Remarkable UGC Examples You Should Put On Your To-Do List

The power of videos created by users descends on the digital world like a big spaceship. Users don’t just like making video content, they crave for itjust have a look at the statistics provided by Tubular LabsWith user-generated videos comprising more than 50% of Facebook content, 32% of content on YouTube and 17% on Vine, it’s time for brands to take the bull by the horns.

remarkable UGC examples


Nevertheless, brands should be super careful when they go at user-generated content marketing campaigns in full force. Not every UGC video will deliver their brand’s message the right way, so keeping tabs is crucial.

Not every brand is created equal. The amount of user-generated content examples showing up on the World Wide Web depends on the industry and vertical your brand is in.

Even with that in mind, videos will do your brand good. It’s all about psychology: people love to look at something in a new way, and they love to share what they like.

Goes without saying that if people find a connection to your brand, they will share the love with others and can even create a video for you, becoming true brand ambassadors - especially if you are inspiring them with rewards (we’ll get to that later) or post the best videos on your YouTube channel, like GoPro.

Here are 5 user-generated content examples and ideas you can use to stand out when creating your marketing campaigns:

1) Boost Organic Reach Using Your Community’s Talents

The fruits of user-generated video content marketing are endless.

Engaging your brand’s fans shows them that you care about their support. After all, when you ask fans to create videos for your brand, you show them you know they exist and you care about what they think - something that brings them even closer to your brand and creates special connections. Plus, users – especially Millennials – love user-generated content. Many brands have already recognized the power of user-generated content marketing as shown in numerous examples of user-generated content campaigns like Pampers Love, Sleep and Play campaign.

The campaign featured 15 selected baby videos uploaded by happy parents. The never-ending love for cute laughing and playing babies brought Pampers tons of engagement and reach of a colossal magnitude.  

The bottom line is, in the end, everybody wins with UGC : Your followers become more connected with your brand, and your brand gets more valuable organic reach.

Idea 2: Maximize Brand Trust With User-Generated Content

In the eyes of your audiences, branded videos made by users have been created by people “just like them”. And, if these people loved the product, why shouldn’t they? If these users bought it, why shouldn’t they? You get it.

Just to give you a taste of what a regular promotional video can do, here’s an example of a Life Alert video, named by Adweek as being “bloodcurdlingly weird” one. The result: many screaming Facebook posts on the brand’s page, without deeper-level engagement.

Here comes the truth: people trust their peers more than they do brands. In fact, 59% of Millennials tend to take advantage of user-generated content during their purchase-decision processes.

Looking for  an idea for an example of a user-generated content campaign? Try asking for client reviews. Have a look at what Pepsi has done, asking their customers to talk about reasons why they would rather drink Pepsi Max than Coke in Find Your Superfans UGC campaign.

By: Jay Rule

More ideas? Here’s Kia and its brilliant recognition of the user reviews power (which don’t have to be video-based, by the way):


Idea 3: Creating A Little Competition Never Hurts

“You don’t have to run faster than the bear to get away. You just have to run faster than the guy next to you.” – Jim Butcher.

Contests make things hot, driving more attention to your user-generated campaigns. Why? Because you give your audiences an immediate answer on the never-ending question of “What’s in it for me?”

When competing, people are not your usual brand ambassadors who just need to share your brand video; they can get something for it. By awarding your community with your brand’s products, gift cards, or by just offering the best video submission to appear in a commercial like Dr. Martens has done, you are building strong connections.

Before actually asking their community to step in with their stories, Dr. Martens shared their own. Launching a campaign with the purpose of driving engagement and honoring diversity, this popular clothing and shoes brand managed to gather over 100,000 views.

As a way to reward their community, Dr. Martens featured submitted photos and videos in a commercial.


Idea 4: Add Community Members as Guest Bloggers

Say you want to drive traffic and engagement with your brand’s blog (aside from brand-awareness and conversions, of course). Guest blogging done by your community is a great way to achieve it.

Communicate to your community that you are open to letting them be part of your brand’s blog. Chances are, they will write a post and then share it with their peers on social networks. Imagine how cool it would be for all their friends to read a blog post written for an actual brand?

But don’t stop there. Make a video of an interview with that guest blogger, just like Collegefashionista has done.


Idea 5: Uncover the Scientist in Your Content Marketing Team

This is where science and content marketing align. Why not create a user-generated  campaign based on social experiment?

This is exactly what Dove showed in their 2015 campaign. The video was filmed in different countries, but the message was clear: Beauty is what Dove stands for.


Lessons to be Learned

Judging by user-generated content statistics as well as traffic and attention the above campaigns have generated, capturing the world of user-generated content is what every marketer should bring to the top of their agendas. There should not be a day without marketers asking questions about user-generated content campaigns.

Most of all, remember that creating such campaigns makes your brand twice as fun for your community to engage with. Plus, user-generated marketing is great food for Google, so it is more than likely that you SEO scores skyrocket.

In the words of the famous Oscar Wilde: “The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on.” What’s written here can also help other marketers just like you, so please pass some knowledge around.

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