March 13, 2017 / Yarden Leshem

Why Turkish Airlines' UGC Video Campaign Took Off

Remember the energy around UEFA EURO 2016? Turkish Airlines went above and beyond to make sure its UGC video campaign was in sync with the sports spirit; not to mention that Turkish Airlines’ status as the best European airline had to be reflected in the campaign as well.

With those two elements in mind, the brand launched a bold UGC video campaign, encouraging its community to create and help spread the word.

What’s So Thrilling about This UGC Video Campaign?

The campaign targeted brand followers who were eager to show support for their national football team on social media. For ease of use, a special minisite,, was created.  

Here’s the campaign’s featured video:

But, it may be that a user generated content campaign needs a push in the beginning, so a UEFA EURO 2016TM livery was especially created for one of Turkish Airlines’ passenger jets with people watching live football matches during trips.

When it comes to the brand’s followers, those who showed their love the most won  a  trip to a UEFA EURO 2016 match for two, accommodation included.

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How Did It Play Out?

In short, with no less than excellent performance. This user generated content campaign brought more than 600,000 video views on Facebook and Twitter, 15,000+ organic engagements and 2,000 shares.

Just to give you an example of the UGC videos uploaded:


Hot Tips

What can you learn from Turkish Airlines’ UGC marketing campaign? There are a few things to take in mind:

  • Support your campaign from various angles - a dedicated mini-site can be a great idea when it comes to user generated content campaigns. It will turn submission into an easier process and give you more results in the end.
  • Put your brand message in the center - It’s super important for brands to make sure the campaign they launch is fully in sync with their brand’s message. For Turkish Airlines, the campaign’s name reflected it’s status as the best European airline.
  • But, don’t let go of the audiences - your audiences should still get the most out of your user generated campaign. Think of what drives them when they use your product - that’s also how you can figure out the prize for your campaign winners.

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