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Top 9 Content Marketing Tools & Platforms For Every Marketer's Toolbox

Truth exposed: when content marketers are asked how much daily content they create, 60% answer that they create one content piece a day. But these pieces of content have to demonstrate quality, as 2015 digital content marketing trends have shown us.

But how do you create this quality content? What kind of content marketing tools do you use?

Let’s get something out in the open: there’s about a zillion content marketing tools out there - just as many as there are articles about content marketing tools So, why the heck do I need to add another one to the pile?

(Sadly, after my thorough research, I understood that most articles about content marketing tools are just lists. Ok,ok...they can include short summaries about the tools, but other than that - nada

Folks, I’m gonna try and do something more valuable here: add tutorial/review videos as well as written product testimonials from different content creators. That way you’ll be able to actually see whether and how these content marketing tools can be implemented by your brand, without spending precious time on figuring out how these content marketing tools work.

Anyway, I hope you find these content marketing tools and platforms as neat additions to your everyday content marketer’s toolbox.

So, without any further ado, here’s a long-awaited 9 content marketing tools and platforms list for you:

I’m-Looking-For-Inspiration Content Marketing Tools

I’m sure you’re familiar with the situation in which no matter what you do, those great content marketing ideas just don’t want to come into your head (I know I’ve been there). That’s exactly the time to have a look at these content marketing platforms and tools:

Inbound - what promises to be a successful baby of Rand Fishkin, SEOMoz CEO, and Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot founder - has been called “Hacker news for marketers” by Fishkin himself.  

I’m not gonna go and write a 1000 superlatives about the tool, just going to say this:

Sometimes you just don’t have the time and the strength to keep up with all the rivers of content being created. Inbound.org simply organizes it for you, so you don’t have to run around the web looking for the latest trends . Similarly to Reddit, content just gets ranked both by known marketing gurus and smaller fishes in the marketing sea.

Extra: You can participate in discussions, ask questions and submit articles to broaden your knowledge, audience reach and clientele.

Good news! Here’s a short review video:

Uploaded by Lee Bettie


Alltop - a minimalistic in terms of design, your own news and writing ideas aggregator sorted out by categories and alphabetically. You can find a myriad of top stories from a variety of popular news sources like TechCrunch, Mashable, Seth Godin’s blog, Copyblogger and others covered and regularly updated there  - all for you to read and share. (Did you notice I wrote it in a rhyme?)

Why choose this one? Well, it is precisely because of the vast amount of categories and login simplicity (no need to use OpenID) that this tool has earned my trust.

Let this video tutorial speak for this content marketing tool:

Uploaded by Will Mayall


Klout - have you ever thought about curating content on social media? If you have, you are among 79% of marketers. In fact, Writtenit tells us it’s the quickest road to establishing great thought leadership reputation. To do that though, you probably need to find content that your brand’s communities will just fall in love with.

Klout content marketing platform helps you fill your social media with trendy, existing content: choose the topics relevant for your brand that you’d like to curate and then simply schedule your posts on popular social media outlets.

If you want, you can change description at the time you curate the article: edit, delete or add hashtags or other details to your post as you see fit.

Extra: You can hook up all your brand’s social media profiles to see how they’re performing.

A quick video tutorial from a freelance writer:

Uploaded by Genevive Bjorn


I-Want-To-Create-Content Marketing Tools

So, now we get to the part where you use content marketing platforms and tools to let your or your team’s creative juices flowing.

WordtoCleanHTML - if I tell you a secret, will you promise not to tell it to anyone? This blog post has been created using Microsoft Word If you’re like me and Microsoft Word is your or your content team’s best bud, you know that if you paste content from Microsoft Word to your CMS, your HTML code will get dirty most of the time.

WordtoCleanHTML helps you to create HTML-clean content, without asking your developer questions or trying to fix the code yourself. The tool is pretty easy to use, so you don’t even need an actual tutorial for it.

Instead, you can see what other people are saying about it online:

A year ago, a Lireo Designs - website creation company - writer Deborah Edwards-Onro published a ”How to convert documents to HTML” article in which she shared her thoughts about this program: “I’ve used many methods to convert word documents to HTML, but my favorite tool to use is Word2CleanHTML.” – she said.

ContentIdeator - you probably know that 80% of people will read your headline, but only 20% will go on reading the rest, so it’s no news to you that you absolutely have to write killer headlines for any article you publish. Try this content marketing tool to do it.

This content marketing tool does not come from a “do-it-all-for-you” land, but rather will probably get you in the right direction.

With this in mind, try to use it more for inspiration. Remember that if you are using a common keyword and copy the title as is, chances are your title will be highly similar to someone else’s. And you don’t want that, do you?

Now, finding headlines using this tool is free. If you like to get the results ranked on various social media or Google trends, you’d have to pay a small fee of 29 bucks per month.


Image Source


Jeff Bullas, a content marketing influencer with 492K followers on Twitter, highly recommends this tool, putting it into his hot chart of 20 amazing writing tools in his blog.

Textbroker - got an idea for a blog post, a PR review or maybe website text? Go to Textbroker content marketing platform to find native language speakers ready to write the texts for you for 1.3 per word.

You simply create an order, determine the processing time for it, the amount of words you need and the quality you need your content piece to be of, add a brief, if you want - and you’re good to go!

Need more details? Have a look at this short tutorial video:

 I-Want-To-Measure-Results Content Marketing Tools

Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer – writing a headline is one thing, knowing that it works is a totally different story. According to Content Marketing Institute, every marketer should keep score of every headline. But what’s the best way to do it?

Using Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer you will be able to test your headlines and check their emotional levels, how powerful, common or unique they are. You’ll see all the words that you used in your headline that indicate power, emotion and are common or unique.

It will count the amount of characters, tell you if your headline is the right length, and even recognize the type of your headline and when it should be used.

Extra: You get to learn some headline writing tips on the way.

content marketing tools for marketers - coschedule

Image Source

Check out this short tutorial:

Uploaded by whatfix


Followerwonk – so, say you’ve been posting on Twitter for a while now… You’re posting and posting and posting… Would be nice to go behind the scenes and see how your account is doing, right? Check who follows you, find new followers accordingly and compare everything to your competitors’ accounts on the way.  

Most of this content marketing tool features are free, but if you like to do unlimited searches, sort followers or track them - sign up for $29 a month. There is also $79 a month option, which gives you to analyze up to 20 profiles.

Although right now it only seems to work for Twitter, who knows maybe Moz gurus will come up with a way to analyze other popular social media profiles similarly - all to use social media more effectively as a marketing channel.

Extra: Get to know most used hashtags and the best times to post on Twitter.

Uploaded by Graham Hunter


Plumb5 – I bet you that lots of visitors coming to your website every day every day - and even if it’s not the case - who says you cannot improve? It just may be that you need to find the right content and marketing automation platform for it. You can try Plumb5.

This platform helps you find out more details about your website visitors like their name, location, source and more. You can also make informative business insights based on the amount of content viewed on your website by a visitor.

Need to know what your visitors like more? Understand their preferences based on statistics gathered from your website. You know, that way you can track their behavior and personalize content at the same time.

Extra: Target campaigns and automate form responses and rules according to visitor behaviors.  

Now, this content marketing platform has a free trial, but it also does have a cost, starting from $49 a month.

G2Crowd gave it a score of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

content marketing tools and platforms for marketers

Image Source

There you go…Now you have a list of content marketing tools and platforms to make sure your brand’s content marketing efforts bloom like trees in the summer.

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