March 10, 2016 / Yarden Leshem

Showboxer Spotlight: Meet Laurie Eden, A Showbox Creator

So many great video creators! So little time! With all the awesome happening on Showbox, we decided to feature some of our favorite creators in a Showboxer Spotlight series. This time, we chose Laurie Eden!

Who is Laurie? Well... we don’t like to play favorites, but for this week’s Showboxer Spotlight, we’re putting all eyes on her!

Name: Laurie Eden

Age: 23

Location: Los Angeles, California

What You Do: Culinary Student with a passion for fashion and travel!

From teaching us how to bake trifles (yum), or showing us around The British Virgin Islands (jealous) and more, Laurie is a master Showboxer. Check her out and get inspired!

Laurie Teaches You How To Make a Trifle

It’s so simple and so droolworthy! Laurie shows us that it doesn’t take too much time to make a really beautiful looking treat, that’s sure to impress your guests… or even just yourself :)


Heading to the British Virgin Islands? Laurie shows you the way!


The BVI has over 50 stunning islands you can visit, each with their own unique charm. Laurie takes you along on her adventure, and shows you her top 5 favorite spots.


The Best Food In Berlin


Sure, the city is full of interesting historic sites, but you can’t miss out on the FOOD! Laurie did some very tasty research so that we could enjoy the fruit of her labors (pun intended). Check out her top 5 food spots in Berlin, and prepare to get hungry.




It’s pretty obvious that Laurie loves food, so when Donut Day came around, it’s no surprise she whipped up a cool video explaining the history of the holiday. Trust us, it’s something you donut want to miss ;)


Father’s Day Special

 Oh, the classic dad joke! In this video, Laurie walks us through all the things we love (and even the things we dont!) about our dads, to celebrate them on this special holiday.


Laurie’s Makeup Tutorial



As most girls know, getting eyeliner to look juuuust right can be a big challenge. Mistakes are messy, and there are so many different types. In this video, Laurie helps you figure out what shape is best for your eyes, and even gives you tips on proper eyeliner alignment!


Tour guide, makeup artist, baker… is there anything Laurie can’t do? With so many different format options on Showbox, she never has to choose!

 She makes vlogging look easy, doesn’t she? With Showbox - it is! Get started today!

Yarden Leshem

VP Marketing @ Showbox Yarden is happiest when traveling, preferably to random, distant locations around the world, exploring culture through art and culinary. She loves writing about current trends in advertising, social media and content marketing and enjoys watching awesome videos creating by the Showbox community.

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