June 27, 2016 / Liran Adani

Hunted: An Easy Catch | Showbox

To say that we live in innovative times could be a bit of an understatement.

Every day, Product Hunt reports on the newest technological innovations. We hear about the big players, like Google, and their new Gboard, bringing together Google search, GIFs, emojis and more in one simple keyboard. Then we hear about startups on the rise, like Illustrio, an app that gives anyone the power to simply create custom graphical elements like charts, icons and infographics.

All of these innovations are motivated by the idea that “it should be easier.” And that’s exactly what we were thinking when we created Showbox.

It should be easier.

Historically, the process of creating commercial-quality video has been full of significant barriers to entry. So, with our shared passion for video, design, and technology, our team’s mission modestly became to democratize the entire field of video creation.

We believed that we could bring together a group of top creators across a number of fields (tech, film, graphic design, motion video and more) and have them work together to finally make video creation more accessible.

But there’s a reason no one has created an all-in-one video creation toolbox that includes completely customizable formats and graphic packages, access to endless free stock footage and videos, background replacement tech and more...

Because frankly, it’s a lot to do.

We began development over 30 months ago, and in April, we were honored to launch on Product Hunt and finally present... Showbox: An end-to-end video creation platform, allowing anyone with an idea to create beautiful, studio-quality videos in a matter of minutes, no experience or special equipment required.

The launch was a momentous and emotional occasion for us and Product Hunt was the perfect place to finally share with people what we had been so passionately working on.

Once the post launched on Product Hunt, we watched with baited breath as the upvotes climbed to over 1,400:

We found ourselves at the top of the daily and weekly charts, celebrating and reveling in the love on social media.

showbox on Product Hunt

But it didn’t stop there.

The Product Hunt community is always eager to learn about the next great product at the intersection of creativity and tech, so we eagerly awaited their response.

On launch day, we received hundreds of encouraging comments from users on Product Hunt, providing us with thoughtful feedback. It felt like a dream come true, having worked on the product for so long without being able to get real, unmitigated feedback from users.

Then, as a result of the 1,400+ upvotes and energetic community response, Showbox topped Product Hunt’s daily email. This pointed even more people to our website, and we saw daily visits continue grow by 100% the week after launch, and new signups grew by more than 3xs our usual general average.

Product Hunt features

Being on Product Hunt gave us the unique opportunity to connect with people who have witnessed startups grow, from launch, to expansion, to acquisition, and beyond -- a community that is not only interested in witnessing the future, but also in being a proactive part of shaping it.  

Product Hunt users are able to propel a product into the spotlight by not just being passive viewers, but by upvoting and sharing - actually becoming part of the growth process.

The community got specific with their interests and asked us about our video rendering times (they’re very quick), they asked about getting access to free stock photos and videos (comes standard with your Showbox account), and they expressed interest in our online green screen tech (no special equipment required to seamlessly replace your background).

We spent a lot of time thinking about everything you need in order to make video content, so the thoughtful and specific responses were especially encouraging.

Soon after we heard from the PH user community, inquiries started flowing in from the business community as well. Several companies reached out to us with interest in working together, either looking to incorporate Showbox into their current offerings, or looking to have their tech integrated into our platform. Launching on PH was the catalyst for some wonderful B2B opportunities, a number of which will soon come to fruition, and we can’t wait to share the news.

Just like all our peers in today’s numerous technological fields of innovation, Product Hunt has created a way to more easily find, support, engage with, and share the products that inspire you, and make your life easier.

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Liran Adani

Video and Marketing Operation Specialist @ Showbox Liran loves keeping up with all the latest trends in video marketing, tools and platforms. Trends are her thing even outside of work: she is always on the hunt for the next big thing in fashion and has already made a few Showbox fashion videos using Lists and Countdown formats, which are her favorites.

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