September 20, 2015 / Liran Adani

Showbox's Greatest Moments from VidCon2015 | Showbox

It was our very first VidCon, and oh what a VidCon it was! We got to meet tons of video creators, and give the full 360 tour of in person. In case you missed it, here are our TOP 10 moments from VidCon 2015.

#10: Setting up our very first VidCon booth was so exciting! And it only got more exciting from there...

showbox's greatest moments from vidcon2015

#9: Watching the first group of Showbox VidCon creators step into the spotlight, and tell us about their favorite YouTube videos of all time. Can you name this classic?   

#8: When one showboxer convinced us to drop everything and move to Los Angeles.

 #7: When Toni surprised us with a heartfelt message about finding and sharing joy in your everyday life. Find out the one simple thing you can do everyday, to help bring more joy into your life, and the lives of those around you :)

 #6: When the guy from Holy Ship didn't realize we we’re recording (oops), and then grabbed the Quest Bar girl and pulled her on screen! 

 #5: Is Taylor Swift the best person on Earth? According to Bella, YES, yes she is.

 #4: Official Showbox Correspondent Electra Formosa was on the scene! She cornered YouTubers Jordan Doww, Ellie and James, Toby Randall, Shanna Malcolm and more, to get the downlow on who their favorite YouTubers are, and asked the big question, “Which Emojii best describes you?”




 #3: New showboxer Chris Martinez stopped by our booth to discuss his complicated feelings about YouTube hit, Annoying Orange. Annoying, fun, or just plain orange? A constant battle between annoyance and love, being an Annoying Orange fan is a hard job, but someone has got to do it!

 #2 – We ran a friendly competition during VidCon, and the winner got their very own drone! Delivering the prize was definitely a highlight of our VidCon experience.

showbox's greatest moments from vidcon2015
#1 – Everything!

VidCon 2015 was a massive success. It’s hard to choose a number one, so we’re not going to! We got to meet well-known YouTubers, and we planted the creator seed in the minds of lots of VidCon goers.

Turns out, everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours?


Your Story. Your Show.


Liran Adani

Video and Marketing Operation Specialist @ Showbox Liran loves keeping up with all the latest trends in video marketing, tools and platforms. Trends are her thing even outside of work: she is always on the hunt for the next big thing in fashion and has already made a few Showbox fashion videos using Lists and Countdown formats, which are her favorites.

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