October 26, 2016 / Liran Adani

3 Key Reasons For Marketers To Scale Video Production In 2017

It’s no secret that video marketing has been on everybody’s tongues for a while now. As Huffington Post has put it: “software may be eating the world, but video is feasting on the attention of today’s consumers.”

To tell you the truth, it’s hard to disagree. I find it very interesting though that when many brands step into the world of video marketing, they seem to tackle it with just a single video.  By putting everything into one basket, they risk to miss out on creating deeper connections with the targeted audiences they work so hard on searching for. Why waste time creating one universal video if you can create several - each one fitting the exact audience and getting you the desired results?  

Here are 3 more short, yet useful answers as to why you should make more videos for your brand - to name a few:

Make More Videos To Get More Sales

reasons for marketers to scale video production in 2017

No matter the product you’re selling, the intention will probably be: “I want more sales!”. A good strategy to help turn this wish into a reality is to create more branded videos. Think about it this way: every product you’ve got deserves a video.

Why? Numbers don’t lie: according to Buffer, 46% of people who’ve seen a product video online tend to hunt for it on the web afterwards. What’s more, consumers are drawn to product like bees to honey if they watch a video about it – a whole 73% increase in purchase intent.

Take Sevenly for example, a relatively young company founded in 2011, which purpose is to encourage people to buy products and this way, donate to NGOs. Sevenly’s founder, Dale Partridge, reveals that if it wasn’t for explainer videos they’ve created, they would only dream about $6 million in sales revenue. Have a look at one of their videos:

The question that brings more food for thought is: if such explainer videos have brought such results in revenue, what would’ve happened with revenue if they would’ve been put up for creation at scale?

See how Showbox Engage can help you to answer the above question.


Create Branded Videos At Scale To Boost Traffic

create branded videos at scale to boos traffic

Say one of your marketing team’s goals for this quarter is to boost website visits. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to make people stay on your website pages a while longer.

This is where making more branded videos becomes a remedy because, apparently, video on a website acts as some kind of hypnosis on users, and they tend to spend 88% more time on the site.

But that’s not all…Buffer says that videos, in comparison to other forms of content, generates 3X as many visitors for websites. Try including a how-to or a fun walkthrough video for your products, for example. Chances are, you’ll captivate visitors more, and they’ll stay on your website longer, or even will return there in the future.

And, Google seems to like it too When you’ve got video content on your website, your search engine's’ organic traffic is likely to experience a boost of 157%.

Case in point, Statement - a digital and e-commerce agency, tells that video has helped them to double the website traffic in 60 days. For them, the boost happened when people started to share their videos; a blog post with video was much more of a buzz than a regular one.

So you see, videos and traffic are best buds indeed and the more videos you create – the better. I bet that if Statement’s blog wouldn’t have had so many videos in its posts, the boost might’ve not had happened.

Scaling Video Creation Can Help To Get More Conversions

Did you know that according to Hubspot, a video on a landing page can improve conversions by 80%?

Wordstream actually reveals that videos on landing pages have a deeper relationship than just “for-the-sake-of-beauty”: they connect users to the product on a deeper level, they are entertaining, and they can be a stand-alone offer.

Now, a business – be it a startup or a medium-size company – usually has several landing pages. And, it’s best if they’ve got videos embedded. It’s up to you of course, but, without videos, you may be losing precious conversions you and your team work so hard to get.

Want to look at some examples that show how much more conversions you can get with video on your landing pages?

A good one is Dropbox – a company, providing file hosting services (like you didn’t know that). They’ve managed to increase conversions by 10% by embedding a simple explainer video on their landing page. A 10% increase has brought the company a bunch of thousands of sign-ups a day. The explainer video has got 750,000 views in just one month.

Take a look at one of Dropbox explainer videos (with more than 5 million views):

By the way, did I mention that videos on a homepage can increase conversions by as much as 20%?

Well, have a look at a Dropbox video homepage that got them 70,000 users in one night.

What’s the takeaway? This may sound trivial, but don’t hesitate to embed videos on your website. What you can try is to ensure several pages of your website have videos like Ice.com, a jewelry and accessories store, did for every product. That way you get higher chances of increasing conversions:).

Actually, to tell you the truth, there’s only one major takeaway: scaling video creation is imperative for business in the same way eating vegetables is for your health – it brings results! One thing to say is: achieving true marketing success in the era where everyone craves for video content means scaling video creation. That way, your brand will not only keep up with the times, but stand out from the most who tend to forget the importance of the process.

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