February 27, 2017 / Katya Fainbark

3 Why’s for Empowering Users with a Video Creation Engine


How can you help your users’ businesses flourish while enhancing user experiences and adding more useful tools and value into your platform’s offering?

Let’s look at this closer, digging into 3 reasons for empowering your users with a built-in video creation API engine:

Make things easier for your users

a video creation platform makes things easier for users

With a built-in video creation solution, you’d be able to empower your users to create awesome videos to include in their listings, without having to leave your platform, releasing them of yet-another-burden of looking for one more tool for hours somewhere else on the web, and getting mediocre results, in many cases. Instead, they can start creating videos for their businesses on the spot, as part of your platform’s experience.

Create a strong bond between your users and their prospects

a video creation tool helps create a strong bond between your users and their customers

Being a visual stimuli, video encourages action in ways rarely caused by text and images, helping your users establish stronger connections with their potential customers and helping them stand out.

You’re always in control

a built-in video creation platform means you're always in control

Unlike external video creation tools, our built-in video creation engine comes with a tracking dashboard, which makes it easy for you to stay in control of the videos being created by your users.

Want more? Check out this video, showcasing Showbox Embed:

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