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The Secret Of Power Words - A Powerful List You Can't Miss

"All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down." -Friedrich Nietzsche.  

It’s the onset of a regular workday. After drinking a large cup of coffee, your marketing team sets on a journey,  preparing ideas for your next campaign masterpiece. It all starts with a word.

Like building blocks, words help keep your brand’s identity and message in line. They are your marketing team’s main ingredient to use when you want to stand out in the crowd and be original. They are also the ones that can sink your brand down, crushing it like an iceberg crumpled up Titanic.

You get it - words have extensive power, so make every word count.

So, what words should you use to make your video content more eye-catching  and effective?

The secret lies in power words. No matter the goal of your video,  the correct use of power words will be your lifesaver.

What do I mean by “correct use”?  Correct use quals the right choice of power words in a given time. A poorly chosen word to use in a piece of video content, or any content for that matter,  can turn into a ruthless killer for your engagement and views.

What words are your best friends?

Below is a ripe list of 9 power words you can use in your video content campaigns. And hey, psychology behind each one cannot be forgotten.  

Bear Your Heart to Users with Power Words

the secret of power words - bear your heart to users

Not all words are created equal. If in reality it is often advised to “keep it cool”, the digital world is a cradle of emotions. According  to Dr. Hakim Chishti’s Advanced Marketing Institute research, conducted in back in the 60s and the 70s, emotional language makes it really easy to predict a person’s response, as the sound tones we make are always understood the same way by emotions. Meaning, power words are emotional words.

Thanks to the special wiring in our brains, we respond very quickly to words that encourage us to act and stimulate imagination. Case in point, according to a University of Washington research conducted recently, the word you pick to use to depict a car accident (“smashed” vs. “contacted”) has a very powerful influence on the way bystanders perceive the accident.  

Also, it appears that our decision process is controlled by a very primitive part of the brain, which means when you are writing your video content you should keep your focus on a list of power words which are the simplest, most direct and visual; see examples in our power words video below.

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Using Power Words in Video Titles

the secret of power words - using them in video titles

 Imagine your marketing writing being a cake: body copy (like video script) is the filling and your title is the frosting. People will never actually taste the cake, if they don’t like how the it looks - the frosting.

People read titles 5 times more than they read the body of your copy. They will continue reading only if that same title strikes them to the very core. When figuring out your video title, powerful words with a focus on curiosity and surprise tend to work like a swiss clock.  You can always go on and use numbers and interesting adjectives to bring more conversions and user attention.

While keeping things interesting and emotional goes a long way, you should never forget to use emotions in moderation, as titles with too many emotion-oriented words can sound desperate and unappealing to users and can be granted the “Spam” title.

But enough with the psychology talk, let’s get down to business. Here is a list of top powerful words that will keep conversions going and make your target audiences stick to your video content like glue:

  1. You/Your

Often called the “number 1” power word to use when creating your content, this word has got a lot of scientific attention. You may think that the word “you” is as powerful as calling a person by their own name. Alas, this is not the case. Research proves that seeing your own name on screen activates multiple brain areas - something that does not occur when you simply see the word “You”.

Nevertheless, this word is the king of marketing content, and has rightfully earned its spot on the list of power words over the years.

  1. Because

“Because” uses the power of reason. Let’s face it, emotions and reasons motivate your target audiences. You have probably heard about a study described in Robert Cialdini’s book “Influence” in which a number of requests to quickly use an office copy machine were analyzed. Thanks to the power word “Because”,  a shocking 94% of people let one use the copy machine, as opposed to just 64% when that word was not used.

What’s interesting is that it does not matter what you use as your reason, it will work anyway. As far as conversions go, the power of word “Because” can be seen in a just 6% short of a 100% conversion rate increase.

  1. Free

Simply put, the word “Free” plays on people’s desires to get free stuff - and people like to get free stuff. Conversions increase by as much as 73% when you use the word “Free” in your video content. Be careful though with using it too much, as it can turn your content to spam.  

  1. Amazing

The word encourages positive thinking, and thus, can be granted the title of a positive power word (same as #3,#5 and #6 by the way). As you may already know, people are more inclined towards positive experiences. Therefore, the more positive your video content is, the more they will like it. According to Jonah Berger, marketing professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, positive content also gets more shares.

  1. New

Using this power word means you are getting the signal of opportunity and reward inside the brains of your audiences. Similar to the word “Secret”, this word keeps readers curious and grabs their attention.

  1. Instantly

The deal with this word is, no one wants to wait for gratification. People want to receive what they’ve been offered very quickly.

Psychologically speaking, humans are wired upon what is called “the pleasure principle” - we need our urges and wants to be gratified, no matter what they are.  Just as this word sounds, it can bring quick satisfaction from whatever is being offered.

  1. Secret

If you are even somewhat familiar with the best practices of content marketing, you know that the word “secret” works magically on your target audiences. It evokes feelings of curiosity and puts a veil of mystery on your texts. What’s more, if you are on a journey to creating effective and sharable content, “Secret” is definitely the power word to turn to.

  1. Imagine

One of the most effective tools of content marketing is storytelling. People have been exposed to stories starting from their childhood. The truth is, storytelling never ends. Great copy and content writers are hypnotizing storytellers - the word “Imagine” is one small tool used to make users part of intriguing stories.

It helps writing masters to turn you into a protagonist, forming a unique picture for your target audiences. Going visual goes a long way when it comes to increasing key performance indicators, according to Hubspot’s recent research. What’s more, it is a great way to make an opening in your video, just to let people in further into your story and hold their interest right from the beginning.

  1.  Video

One video is worth 1.8 million words. You may already know that video content marketing is the latest trend everybody jumps on nowadays. For instance, videos in an  email can get you as much as 200%-300% CTR increase.

Unlike an article, video is engaging. This means that in case you put a video into your article, it’s better to include the word “Video” in the headline so that people will have no trouble of finding it on search engines like Google; on YouTube, though, including the word “Video” is irrelevant because it’s implied.

Key Takeaways

Words are like money. They can create an opportunity or - just because you put your money in the wrong bucket - destroy everything you’ve been building for years in minutes, . Great writers are born when they know how to make their words count. Once you know how to use these powerful words correctly and in line with your brand’s message, driving user attention as well as bringing more conversions to your digital assets won’t be a problem.

We hope that this article helped you learn more about video content marketing and the psychology behind the usage of power words in videos. Now, you can take what you’ve learned and see it at work.

And remember, sharing with others is always a good deed, so share the article to spread the knowledge.

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