January 31, 2017 / Yarden Leshem

Marketing To Millennials & Gen Z: The More Branded Videos, The Merrier

A long long time ago the TV held the keys to the hearts of the young. Now, the shortest road to win their attention is with online video - and it seems like this road is never going to end.  

Aim for More Branded Videos When Marketing to Millennials

Why do you think Millennials are so in love with video? It either makes them feel good or seems more real to them than TV.

We already talked about why creating product videos is an essential part of marketing. Well, now you can add one more reason: 80% of Millennials use videos as guides before making a purchase decision. 

Is that all? Of course not! Next time you decide to channel your marketing towards Millennials, try going for video testimonials - they are a big help to 69% of them. How can you create video testimonials? Embedding a video creation api solution into your app or site is one way, but video testimonials will actually work best if you co-create them with Millennials. Truthfully, Millennials are content creators at heart, and allowing them to co-create enables them to personalize their experiences while making them feel like their opinions matter. In your next Millennials-oriented marketing campaign try going for a co-creation strategy, engaging them to become brand ambassadors.

Here’s a small tip: For best results and the most attention, we suggest mixing video testimonials and product videos together - that way you’ll also get more content for your branded video web series:) Going further with this, try getting creative and make it not just about the products, but the people - it is known that Millennials trust people more than brands, after all.

How can you make it more about the people? One way is to start engaging your communities in branded videos creation, turning your followers into brand ambassadors while keeping track of the process.

If you want, you can get ideas on how to engage your communities from our new eBook.

Why does all this mean stronger connections with Millennials? Because brands that make it more about the people and not just pure marketing get more value from Millennials. Plus, since Millennials are so into videos, they tend to share them more, in comparison to other types of content, meaning brands that create more videos can get higher engagement scores.

Marketing to Generation Z

Using Branded Videos to Market to Millenials and Generation Z

If your goal is to get into the minds of even younger audiences, a.k.a Gen Z, online video is the way to go too - that’s because they were born with online video as a baby pacifier.

As Video University puts it, your marketing to Generation Z strategy calls for more branded videos - the younger the generation, the more videos should be created for it. Hence, if you don’t want to loosen up the ties with this generation, your best bet is to go all in into making branded video content.  

Not convinced? Gen Zers actually prefer brands that tell them stories.

All the talk aside, let’s look at the results branded video content brings in reality.

A great example is a case study from AdvanceOhio - a company that wanted to turn to younger generations, and thus increase sales, engagement and brand awareness for a thrift store.

The campaign included making a number of videos that focused on shopping coupons and social media, among other things. What did they get in the end? 5,900 new website visitors; increased ROI from sales (by 385%) and a jump in the coupon redemption rate by 338%.

Lessons to learn? Plain and simple - videos matter to young generations, so creating more videos can actually be your best bet when trying to catch their attention. Better yet, you can get even more results by turning these generations into your brand ambassadors and engaging them into video creation. But, before stepping into the whole process, it’s crucial to have a powerful tool as a shoulder to lean on - that's where our "Turn Your Brand into a Trend: 5 Bold UGC Video Campaigns to Steal" eBook can help.

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