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Clinton versus Trump: 6 Impressive Influencer Marketing Examples That Define The Leader Of The Free World

What do you think when you hear the phrase "Clinton versus Trump"? I'm sure different things come to mind. You can start to cringe, shrug your shoulders or even grin. No matter how you feel about them, one thing remains the same: they are like brands; brands that have to release a product by November 8, 2016. And like every brand’s product, they have to be wrapped up in good marketing to get noticed.

So, let’s take a break from pure politics, add some marketing to it- influencer marketing, to be exact - and see how teams Clinton and Trump battle it out using 6 influencer marketing campaigns that help them determine the next leader of the free world.

As a content marketing manager, you probably know that using influencers to spread your content, build awareness for your brand and increase engagement is a relatively new concept that usually works very well on social media. According to Adweek, influencer marketing and social media are best buds.

Now back to Clinton, Trump and their influencer marketing wars. No matter how different they are, the purpose is always the same: to grab attention, boost engagement, exposure and, at the end of the battle - win.

As promised, here are 6 impressive influencer marketing examples that team Clinton and team Trump have come up with for you to get inspired from:

Influencer Marketing Takeaways: Team Clinton

Huffington Post called out to team Clinton to ramp up their influencer marketing efforts, but is Clinton’s influencer marketing strategy truly weaker than a newborn puppy? As you can see below, the reality is somewhat different.

Influencer marketing example 1: Celebs spreading the word

Knowing how much young voters - especially Millennials - are important for politics, and how much they trust social media influencers, Hillary Clinton teamed up with more than 100 different, popular content creators including actress Peyton List, fashion blogger Jackie Hernandez and many others to ask her questions and spread the word about LA’s Town Hall NeueHouse.

Many of these digital content creators, like Peyton List, used their social media accounts  (see below) to gather questions for Clinton from their audiences, increasing engagement and reach.

Influencer marketing campaign idea? If you have a webinar or an event coming up, have a key industry influencer promote it on their social media accounts.

Influencer marketing example 2: Videos

Hillary Clinton did not stop there. She’s used her political powers to have celebrities make a video endorsing her and her policies. Backed up by many female celebrities, Hillary Clinton got the support of her unique selling point as a female candidate nominated for president.

A great example of such endorsement are the #IAmWithHer influencer campaign videos. For instance, the below video was posted on Lena Dunham’s Facebook page (I’ve seen it on Instagram as well).

It shows a variety of celebrity women like Jamie Lee Curtis, Katy Perry (who, by the way, has one of the most followed Instagram accounts), Shonda Rhymes and others who stand with Hillary Clinton. Each of them tell their own reasons for supporting her; some of them use only one phrase; “I’m with her.” Have a look: 

Meryl Streep’s video is yet another great example of influencer video marketing for Clinton. Elaborating on the hardships women had and have to face, Meryl Streep skillfully highlights Clinton’s achievements and personal traits that make her the right fit for president.

Posted a little more than a month ago, this video already has more than 200K views - and that’s only on YouTube.


 Now, you may not be a representative of a political powerhouse like Clinton, but you can still use your connections with industry leaders to create remarkable influencer marketing campaigns for your brand.

A great influencer marketing idea would be to ask influencers to create a video using your brand products or maybe even ask them to review the products for you. You can also try to encourage influencers to explain why they like your brand or your product.

These don’t have to be big shot celebrities, but people with enough expertise in their industry (that fits you) and reach. If you are all for expanding your reach on YouTube, try looking for a hot chart of top YouTube influencers.

 Influencer marketing example 3: Emails

For Hillary Clinton, influencer marketing started as early as 2015. Clinton’s team was creative enough to craft emails from celebrities, so you can see influencer marketing and email marketing go hand-in-hand.

Receiving an email from a celebrity makes you curious, since it’s not something you get every day. Thus, it’s hard not to open and click. Check out these two emails sent by Salma Hayek and Ricky Martin to potential voters.

Just FYI, Salma Hayek and Ricky Martin have a combined total of over 14.7 million followers on Twitter, over 10 million combined likes on Facebook and over 7 million followers on Instagram (when I was writing this article), which is what turns them into powerful influencers..

Clinton vs. Trump: 6 impressive influencer marketing examples


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Legally speaking, sending such emails under famous people’s names will probably require written consent first. But who said you can’t get one?

You can drop a line to someone like Seth Godin, Neil Patel and others and talk to them about using their names in your emails; or maybe they can even write an email from you - influencer marketing campaign in its purest form

Influencer Marketing Takeaways: Team Trump

As for Clinton’s opponent Donald Trump, he too seems to hold on tight to the golden rule of influencer marketing strategy: stop concentrating on what you say about yourself because what others say about you is way more important.

Influencer marketing example 4: Influencers speaking in public

Sarah Palin’s, former governor of Alaska, Trump endorsement video has generated over 1.6 million views on Trump’s Facebook page in less than 24 hours. Similar to Meryl Streep’s endorsement video above, Sarah’s endorsement speech is a perfect example of influencer marketing.

So, here’s a neat idea for an influencer marketing campaign: imagine you’re going to a conference or an event that will be packed with audiences relevant to your brand. One thing you can do is team up with a key influencer in your industry and have them present your brand at the event to others.

The thing is, they don’t have to be actually present to make an impact. A simple recorded or written testimonial from them will do it for you, but bringing them is better of course - it all depends on your budget.

Influencer marketing example 5: Writing

No, when I say “writing” I don’t mean writing emails for Clinton. I mean actual, professional article writing. Just look at what Larry Elder, named as one of the biggest #AlwaysTrump influencers on social media, has done: he published an article on Town Hall about how media falsely translates everything Trump’s doing.

Clinton vs. Trump: 6 impressive influencer marketing examples

This article was later promoted on his Twitter account, which is followed by as many as 105K people (at the time of writing).


It was further supported by his 'Media Trump Translator' and #AnybodybutClinton Twitter posts, both of which (judging by the number of comments) have generated heated discussions within hours.


 The idea here is that influencer marketing campaigns can go beyond videos. Try asking key industry leaders and bloggers to write an article for you, featuring your products and their review of your brand. These can be further posted on their social media accounts.

Influencer marketing example 6: Interviews

I know, I know… It may sound a lot like simple endorsements you’ve already seen, but I think these are a little bit different.

Think about it, these are actual interviews in which interviewees don’t just endorse by ‘motivational speeches’, if you will, but actually explain their points of view.

Let’s have a look at one of those with Dr. Ben Carson, published by Fox News.

Do I need to tell you that Fox News is not the only media that published this interview? You can also find it on CBS news and smaller media fishes like The Stream.

In case you didn’t know, Dr. Ben Carson is a well-known neurosurgeon and former candidate for POTUS with over 2 million followers on Twitter, over 5 million likes on Facebook and 359K followers on Instagram (at the time of writing this article ). Now, guess what happens when he shares his interview on social media?

First, you get people talking; then sharing and likes, which ultimately translates into more exposure and engagement for Donald Trump. Just have a look at how this turned out on Twitter:



Hey, you may ask: How come interviews are part of influencer marketing? Simply put, you get to see influential people talk about you, your brand or your products. So, next time you will be thinking about your influencer marketing strategy, you should maybe think about including influencer interviews in it.

Lessons to be Learned

There is only one really, but a major one…

Here’s my personal confession to you: I really think that without proper influencer marketing campaigns both Clinton and Trump would look different today. I really hope that after reading this article you’ll have some idea about your next influencer marketing move because, as Adweek has put it: “Influencer marketing is the next big thing.”

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