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How to start a vlog - A beginner's guide to vlogging | Showbox

First things first: Relax! Starting a new project can be scary. As they say, “You don’t know what you don’t know,” and vlogging is just so… public. Extra scary to some people. If you don’t even know where to start, how could you possibly know what questions to ask? Ugh! Well, lucky for you, we (your friendly Showbox team) are here and happy to give you all the tips you need! Read on and soon you will know how start a vlog!

How to start vlogging

Narrow down the topics of your video blog and then do some research! Try to figure out what category your vlog would fit into, and go from there. When you first start vlogging, you should be watching a ton of vlogs and noting the things you like about them, and the things you don’t. It might feel like you’re wasting time (because since when did watching awesome YouTube videos become so helpful?!), but it’s important to take a good hard look at what others are doing. You’ll get inspired by people’s great ideas, and you’ll gain more confidence in yourself.

This development phase, the time before you actually start learning how to become a vlogger, is important for your growth as a new vlogger. It will help you focus your vlog’s concept and build you a map for future-vlogger-you to follow.  

Create a schedule for yourself

how to start a vlog

 Eventually, you’ll need to figure out a regular release schedule for your video blog. Are you daily? Three times a week? Once weekly? You might not be ready to start regularly releasing your vlogs once a week yet (and that’s okay, you haven’t even started!), but there are initial steps you can put on your schedule now as you are learning how to start vlogging.  

Hold yourself accountable! Schedule some real time for the research we just talked about. Do some practice runs in the mirror, sit down and write a list of possible vlog topics; vlogging for beginners is a journey of self discovery.  

Which leads us to…

 Be authentic

a beginner's guide to vlogging

No matter which professional vlogger it is (Yes, ‘professional vlogging’ is a thing. Some people make upwards of $40k a month!), if you ask a successful vlogger what is the most important tip for learning how to start a vlog, nine times out of ten, it all comes back to “be authentic.”  

During your research, take the time to get a clear picture of yourself and your vlog, and start developing your “vlog brand” from a place of authenticity. In order to gain a regular following, you need viewers to recognize your brand, and come to know what to expect from your vlog.  

The look and feel of your vlog should be everywhere you are.  

Does your vlog “match” with your social media pages? How about your website? Does it look like this is content coming from the same brand? It should! And if you always come from a place of authenticity, it will be easy to keep it cohesive.  

Choose a format

Is your vlog just you in front of the camera talking directly to your audience? Or are you taking us somewhere? Is someone following you with a camera like we’re watching a documentary? Showbox offers a number of preset video creation formats; there is a format specifically for reviews, one for travelers to showcase their favorite destination, and when your ideas don’t fit into a neat category, there’s a make-your-own format option, too. You don’t need to stick to just one once you really get going, but the more focus you have when you start creating a vlog, the easier it will be to grow and define your brand and get yourself comfortable within your new vlogger lifestyle.

Keep it short

Most people don’t want to sit and watch someone ramble on for fifteen minutes, even if the subject matter is super interesting. Maybe once you have a bigger audience and more videos to choose from, sure - a special fifteen minute vlog could be a nice treat for your viewers - but as you are just starting your vlog, do as much as you can to plan for success. This means making sure your vlogs aren’t too long, and that the beginning is captivating enough to grab the attention of your viewers. So that you don’t end up rambling on and on, plan a beginning, middle and end.  

Where are you, where do you want to be, and what is behind you?

how to start a vlog

 Part of starting a vlog is choosing your primary shooting location. A lot of vloggers simply shoot while sitting at their home desk! Some vloggers get really technical and transport themselves to a different location by using green screen. Some vloggers have found the secret to transporting themselves to a cool production studio, or unique location without the need for an actual green screen. No, it’s not magic, and yes, you can too, with Showbox. See how, here.

Choose a camera  

a begginer's guide to vlogging

 Do a little bit of googling, and figure out what kind of camera is best for you and your setup. If you don’t have a built-in webcam, or if you want to have more mobility and quality, any DSLR camera will do. Just make sure it can shoot wide angle - even better if there’s a front facing display so you can see yourself as you record. Bonus if it has a light and quality mic attached!

Find an editing solution

Once you go through all the above steps of vlogging for beginners, and you’ve shot your video content… now what?! Gotta learn how to use editing software! Ugh! JK, we got you covered on that, too. In addition to the format options we mentioned earlier, Showbox also serves are your intuitive editing system. You can simply upload your video and drop it in, or, record right inside Showbox and edit as you go. Simple x’s 100.

Plan for the future

When you’re ready to share, where will your vlog live? Will you put it on YouTube? Facebook? Twitter? On your website or blog? If your answer to all those questions was “yes” then you’re right! As you are starting a vlog, you want to reach as many people as possible, which means, making sure people can find you. Showbox allows you to directly upload your videos to Facebook and YouTube for this exact reason.

 Knowing where your vlog is going to be will give you a chance to start building that brand we talked about earlier, and preparing your pages to be filled with awesome video content.

Be patient

how to start vlogging

 Learning how to start a vlog is about learning what process works best for you. It’s about finding your voice, getting to know your audience, and letting them get to know you. Growing pains are natural. Choosing a title can be hard, and watching yourself on camera for the first time is rarely a perfect experience, but the more you vlog, the better you’ll get.

 You’ll learn how to stay natural in front of the camera. You might make mistakes, but that’s just learning what not to do - which is also helpful. You’ll find a rhythm that works for your schedule, and you’ll get more and more comfortable calling yourself a vlogger. So be patient and stick with it!

 Then, once you really get going on your new vlogging adventure, check out this helpful article all about “vlogging tips” to keep you on your A game.

 Go sign up for Showbox today, and get started on your new life as a vlogger!

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