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How To Make A Video Podcast - Important Tips | Showbox

So, you’re about to create a video podcast and become part of a rapidly growing media trend. Podcasting began as a way for individuals to share their ideas, beliefs, news and stories, by way of recorded and shared audio.

In recent years, podcasting has begun to trend towards video. That’s not surprising, considering the internet, collectively, is obsessed with video. Why just listen to your favorite creatives talk, when you can witness it for yourself, see the nuance in their hand gestures and the looks on their faces when the person they are interviewing says something outlandish.

Why should you podcast?

Podcasts are essentially on-demand radio shows. They’re a bit punk rock in the way that the people who start them (often small groups of 1-3 people) didn’t have to ask anyone for permission; in order to know how to make a video podcast, all they needed was a way to record, and voila! They have a show. Video podcasting is a place for independent creators to lose their inhibitions and share their views with the world, building their own powerful community of likeminded individuals.

The word “podcast” used to sound silly - even now some people call them by different names: videocasts, vidcasts and vodcasts - but these days, “awareness of podcasting among Americans 12 years of age and older has more than doubled since 2006, when Nielsen measured it at 22%.

Brands are starting to pay more attention, too, because 67% of podcast listeners don’t mind sponsorship messages and occasionally find them useful, compared to 6% of television or commercial radio listeners. Podcasting has such an independent spirit that the audience knows they are listening to commercials, sure, but that sponsor is supporting a project they really believe in and have actively sought out. Plus, a lot of times in podcasting, you won’t see a traditional cut to commercial break - it’s more of an organic marketing tactic - you’ll see the host talk about the product or sponsor in a more natural and organic way.

Taking a look at the big players in the field can tell you a lot about what people are looking for as you start learning how to make a video podcast. TED Talks and How Stuff Works are a great examples of podcasts people enjoy watching because they’re quick, thoughtful, and educational. Also take a look at a video podcast created with Showbox about upcoming Musicians that share their experience in the music industry. 




Pop culture is paying attention to video podcasts; finding them useful and share worthy. Brand goals can even be seamlessly integrated (see: the aforementioned organic marketing tactic link?), so if you’ve begun to ask yourself the question “Should I make a video podcast,” then if we may be so bold to answer it: yes.

Showbox is a platform  allowing creators, brands and publishers to produce great looking video content. Your video podcast can be delivered to your audience with cool graphic packages, a background of your choice, opening titles, slick transitions and more. Once you have an idea and a Showbox account, all you need is to get going.

Here are 10 video podcast tips to keep in mind:

Video podcast tip #1: Keep it short

A lot of people watch video podcasts in their down time - while working out, sitting in waiting rooms, procrastinating at home, etc. Short, digestible videos are ideal for the medium.

Video podcast tip #2: Have a theme 

What is your podcast all about? Clearly brand and categorize yourself so that your viewers know what they’re getting themselves into.

Video podcast tip #3: Think of a good title 

how to make a video podcast

Cute or silly titles are good if you have a recognizable name or brand attached to the project, but if you’re looking to start and grow a brand or an idea, title your video podcast something that is memorable, but also explains the show.

Video podcast tip #4: Make a commitment 

how to make a video podcast

Simplifying the process of creation is a great way to ensure you keep up with your podcasting - after all, video podcasts are serialized so if your creation process is time consuming, expensive, or tiresome, you’re less likely to succeed. That’s where Showbox comes in. Now that you have a turnkey solution for regularly producing content, you can stick to it. There’s even an option within Showbox to save  your format - meaning you can use the same opening, transitions, music, etc. A fill-in-the-blank template for you to keep delivering consistently great video podcasts.

Video podcast tip #5: Plan your delivery method 

Will you be uploading all your videos to YouTube? How about Facebook? Perhaps you should do both. With Showbox, you can natively upload your video podcast to Facebook and YouTube. Easy as pie!

Video podcast tip #6: Utilize the medium 

There are tons of great benefits to making a video podcast that audio podcasts just don’t have. You have the opportunity to visually explain concepts - and with Showbox, you can put text, images and video on screen to further your audience's understanding.

Video podcast tip #7: Pay attention to video quality 

There are many simple things you can do to make sure the visual quality of your video podcast is on point. Be sure to make it a priority and plan accordingly - you can check out this other blog on How To Create Great Video.

Video podcast tip #8: Keep it interesting 

how to make a video podcast

When learning how to make a video podcast, it’s best to plan out your episodes in advance so that you have a roadmap for your “season.” Once you have a topic in mind, find ways to go one step further.Want to know more about a topic? Reach out to a pro and interview them on the show. Curious about an event around the world that you’ve never attended? Find video footage and add it to your video blog (Showbox also has an awesome library of stock videos to choose from).  Following your own curiosity is a surefire way to also hold the interest of your viewers.

Video podcast tip #9: Get social 

Before you launch, be sure to ready all your video podcast’s social media channels. Have a clear description, and share other links that are relevant to your topic. Taking the time to build the voice of your video podcast on social media is a key aspect of your video podcast’s success.

Video podcast tip #10: Engage with your viewers 

When you create a video podcast, you’re starting a conversation. Pay attention to the comments you receive and the conversations your video may start. Not only is this good to help your social media (see #9) and growing your community, it also will allow you to point your content in a direction that you know your viewers will enjoy.

There you have it! Now you know how to make a video podcast. The only thing left to do is get started! Sign up now, and start creating something great. You’ll be watching your finished project before you know it.

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