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6 Tested Ways For Marketers To Increase Traffic To A Website

Imagine it’s early in the morning. You get in your car and start driving to work.Unless you get to work veeery early (or very late), chances are you are part of those who enjoy traffic jams when commuting every morning.

You sit in your car, waiting for others to move while refreshing all you need to do at work in your head. You start telling yourself: “Look at all those people; they are all going somewhere. If only I could get such amounts of traffic to my website...”

Did you know? Driving more website visitors to your website is considered to be one of the top marketing objectives.

So, how do you  get more traffic to your site? It doesn’t just come down to looking at one specific source. To get the most effective results, your best bet is to combine several of them into one. Here are 6 ways that will help you increase traffic to your website:

1. Create Branded Videos To Get More Traffic

create branded videos to get more traffic

Statistics promise your brand a 41% traffic increase from search with video. But are there any specific types of videos you need to be creating?

SocialMediaExamener recommends How-to videos: when these are made by your marketing team, they are made for users who are looking to solve a very specific problem they have - and if your website provides a great solution, chances are you’ll see bigger numbers in your site traffic analysis.

Is making a promo video enough? Well, no. If you want your brand to get to the very top of search engines, you probably should SEO-optimize all videos you create. Why? Google loves video: If you are on the hunt for some organic traffic from search engines, video will get you a 157% traffic increase.  

These are just the stats. To see how video for business improves website traffic in reality, read our video scaling blog post. For now, let’s continue figuring out how else can you get more visitors to your website. 

2. Want More Website Traffic? Start Guest Blogging

guest blogging to get more website traffic

When the question of how to increase traffic on your website enters your mind, guest blogging can be a very effective marketing step to take. Here’s what I mean: let’s say you have a sports website. This means that if you want to guest blog, you need to find a site related to sport activities (that accepts guest blogs, of course).

So far so good, but let’s skip right to the part when you published a post there. What does this give your brand? In short - exposure, which then brings more website traffic - not just website traffic, but relevant one.

How? More often than not, you get to mention your website in some way in your guest post. Even if not, if a website you’ve chosen to guest post for has some value among readers, and your post brings useful information,  chances are you’re going to get comments that you can answer, encouraging even more interest and creating inbound links (and Google loves inbound links:))

TheSocialM’s calls guest blogging a mandatory part of every marketing strategy of the present since those SEO algorithms are getting even harsher.

Just to illustrate how important guest blogging is for increasing traffic on your website, here’s what happened to Jon Cooper, the owner of after he published a guest post on Moz (aka

Once his post was published on the main blog, the website got more than 400 website visitors; the influential nature of Moz generated 60-80 links back to the site, just because the post was syndicated around 30-40 times.

That’s great results! But what do you do if guest blogging just isn’t the first priority for you when it comes to traffic? You can...

3. Post Comments In Blogs To Increase Traffic On Website

post comments in blogs to increase website traffic

This way you skip the whole guest posting part and simply have your team post comments on other blogs, relevant to your brand. It really works the same way: once you start posting comments, you basically start building a reputation for your brand on that particular blog, providing you with more exposure and backlinks.

So, all you do to attract more visitors to your website is utilize blogs? Of course not! One of the website traffic tips is to create branded videos.

4. Long Tail Keywords For More Traffic

use long tail keywords to get more traffic

So I mentioned that to improve website traffic you will most probably need to have SEO-optimized content, but that’s not just for videos.

It’s every marketer’s dream to get high search volume keywords that are least competitive, but that’s not exactly the case, is it? More often than not, terms like “online marketing” show up as having over-the-top search volumes with hard-to-beat competition scores. So what do you do?

To increase traffic on your website, QuickSprout suggests to leverage long-tail keywords. This does not mean that you should totally abandon broad keywords, no. Like with everything in life, balance is key:)

The above actually works pretty in-sync with my next point. 

5. User Experience Goes A Long Way

good user experience to increase website traffic

Before you think about how to increase traffic on your website, you should probably think about what your users go through on the site, that includes your site’s loading time, your site’s visual appeal, ease-of-use, etc.

We all know that Google notices this stuff too, and if you’re in Google’s good graces regarding the issue - you’re golden!

Ultimately, it all comes down to this: the better user experience you provide to your website visitors, the more traffic you have; users not only see your website rank higher in Google results, but also prolong their stay on your website.

6. How To Get More Traffic? Re-Post On Social Media

re-post on social media to get more website traffic

Image Source

Last, but far from least is website traffic from social media.

By now, every marketer knows that social media for their marketing plan is like air for breathing. I’m sure you have multiple social media accounts where all your relevant audiences hang out; you get traffic from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube - you name it. The question that comes to mind is: “How to improve my website traffic from social media?”

There are tons of traffic-improving social media strategies out there, but my personal favorite is re-posting. No, I’m far from being lazy (although, sometimes I am), it’s just - as Kissmetrics points out - it’s hard to argue with the results.

One thing to remember here is that (and I agree with Kissmetrics) your social media followers are nothing like your RSS subscribers. Plus, social media never sleeps, and they probably forgot the last time you posted that cool sports video, so use it to your advantage.

But never forget, spammers get punished. If you post the same content too much, you may never see the website traffic increase you want for your brand (you may even see a decrease!) So, continuing the same balance tune, everything should be in moderation.

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Marketing Takeaways

As you can see, there’s lots of ways to increase traffic on your website. Which one works best? That’s for you to decide. What I like to do is mix things up a bit, without putting all the eggs in one basket. That way, the marketing team gets results from different channels, without forgetting to do things in moderation, of course:)

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