March 01, 2016 / Liran Adani

How to Find Your Target Market? Helpful Tips for Vloggers

Finding your vlog’s target audience is key to its success. Good vlogs are built with strategy, research and a commitment to continually creating content that is valuable to your audience. Whether your vlog is a source of information about health, history, or how-to’s, your success depends on one thing: Your audience. So first, let’s figure out how to find your target market.

What is my community watching?

Fitting in to stand out.

If you’re lucky, your vlog topic will already be category specific, which makes finding your target market a bit easier. If you don’t know your niche yet, then you need to go back to the beginning and take a long, hard look at your vlog. What is its purpose, at its core? Once you can answer that question, you’re ready to start finding your target audience.

For those of you who already know your niche, the first step is pretty straight forward: start by poking around and looking at successful vlogs in your sphere. It’s not so much that you’re scoping out the competition, as it is seeing what your potential audience enjoys watching.

Once you’ve gathered a handful of different vlogs that fit, try to figure out if there are any similarities. Once you find those similarities, see which ones you could incorporate into your vlog.

For example, a lot of successful beauty vloggers show high-speed versions of their makeup applications, and a lot of successful how-to videos keep it short and sweet. Monkey see, monkey do, or in this case, vlogger see, vlogger do!

how to find your target market

What is my target audience talking about?

The importance of tags.

Think of tags as the internet’s filing system; files with labels are much easier to find than ones just thrown into a drawer. It’s the same way with vlogs. People need to be able to find you and hashtags are how they search. Once you’re ready to release your vlog, social media is your best friend, and you need to join the conversation.

But in order to engage in meaningful conversations with potential fans, you need join the conversation in the first place. That’s where tagging comes in: Help find your target audience by helping them find you!

You could have a really fantastic vlog, but if you release it without using the proper tags, then no one is going to find it. The great thing about the hunt to identify your target market, is that once you do, it’ll be like hitting gold.

Take a look at the hashtags people are using the most. How? I like to use as my secret weapon. Just type in your main topic, and get a number of big hashtag suggestions in that category. Be sure you properly tag your video, your social media posts, your blog posts… pretty much anything that gives you a tagging option.

Make friends 

how to find your target market tips

Turning viewers into fans, and fans into superfans.

YouTubers are known to do collaborations with other YouTubers in order to cross-pollinate their audiences. In this case, everybody gets exposure to new audiences and everybody wins. But before collaboration, comes conversation - and it’s not just your peers you need to be talking to, but your growing audience, too!

Having the general spirit of “every comment is equal” is a great place to start (notice how I said, ‘to start’ - once your vlog blows up, you’ll have to be more discerning or else you’ll end up spending days going thru comment threads. We should be so lucky, right?!).

It’s amazing how quickly people feel connected to you when you respond to a comment or thank them for a share. Once they are a fan of yours, continue to engage them, and like a well-watered seed, these fans could grow into super fans.

What’s a superfan? 

how to find your target market tips

A superfan is a member of your target market that does some of the work for you, a person that not only loves your vlog, but SHARES your vlog, which is key. They turn into your megaphone, RTing you on Twitter, tagging their friends on Instagram, and sharing your videos on Facebook and YouTube, infusing your targeted community with your content. It’s like getting a good Yelp review for a restaurant or a recommendation of a product on Amazon. It’s a review and a seal of approval for potential new fans.

Getting your audience to speak for you is a goal worth putting on your list. If you stay loyal by rewarding them for engaging with comments and loves often, so will they. Plus, it’s not a bad thing to know that every time you post something, at least this one superfan will be there to support you. At least!

Where is my target audience spending their time, IRL?

Meeting your audience in real life.

Chances are, there is some kind of convention or event within your niche. Attending these events can be enormously helpful in learning how to find your target market; go to one and see what everyone is into. Talk to people! Find out what they’re looking for. Tell them about your vlog while you’re at it! Bring business cards, or giveaways - everyone loves freebies (you know you can’t get enough of those logo’d stress balls).

Making connections to people IRL (in real life) is more lasting than any RT, comment or love on social media. By talking to people and attending event activities, you’ll also be able to learn more about the other things your audience is into, which could be great for creative topic ideas that would broaden your target audience even more.

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