April 26, 2017 / Yarden Leshem

How a video creation solution will Empower your Users' business, And yours

Do you have an online platform? If you do, you probably know that your users are constantly looking for ways to enrich their offerings, and video is pretty high up on that list.

Video Makes a product pop out

We all know it's no easy task to stand out of the crowd in our era of digital communication. People are so overstimulated so much content is created and constantly shared, you really need to make a remarkable statement in order to make sure you get your message across.

With the latest domination of video in the digital sphere, you are probably looking for ways to help YOUR users stand out with a new, more engaging layer of content to help them boost up their conversions.

A video creation API could be a great way for an Internet Platform to empower its users and help them reach their goals, and who knows, maybe even surpass them :)

Here’s a good example of how using a video could help a user trying to sell a house for example, better showcase their listing.

One image, or even a few, would look like this:


Which is nice.

A video on the other hand, would look something like this:

 Now if a picture is worth a 1000 words, how many words is a video?

Video creation also makes things easier for your users, but that’s a whole other story you can read in one of our latest blog posts.


Empower your users with video today!


Video is a sales booster

To grow a business at a steady pace, your users need a solid and effective sales process, a process that nurtures and feeds possible customers as they come in. There is no better way to do that than with video.

In addition to specific product videos, another great use of video for your platform users is an introduction video, presenting themselves and the service or product their offering, and telling their story briefly. Doing so helps potential customers connect with your users in a more direct and personal manner, and has proven to be a great sales booster.

Here’s a great example of such an intro video for a fashion e-Commerce store:

 Video Builds a Strong Bond with Customers


The Online Publishers Association says that 46% of people who watch videos tend to act on them somehow, visit a website, or research the topic, etc. Videos leave a lasting impression - that’s what maintains the engagement with your users. This is definitely one more opportunity to build and develop long-lasting relationships.

But video creation is not a one way street. Video content is also a way for your users to engage back - that’s what User Generated Content (UGC) is, and it’s a powerful marketing tool. Acting as social proof from your users, it increases conversions and exposure like no other type of content.

And hey, video creation is great for your online business too. Giving your users the tools to grow will drive more new users on into Your platform.Now that you know how much video creation can help your users (and you), the question is - what’s the next step? If you’re up for it, we can help you figure it out.

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