November 29, 2016 / Liran Adani Using Video To Give You The Best Dining Experience

 Food. It can excite, surprise, bring joy or calm us down. But how do you pick the one restaurant that makes you crave for more food and avoid the ones that leave much to be desired?

This is where steps in. Passionate about restaurants and culinary culture, this new, UK-based online channel is set to revolutionize the dining industry. It has created the world’s first digital community for restaurant critics where they reveal their eat-out experiences using a series of entertaining, studio-quality short video reviews that enable food fans to figure out exactly what their local restaurants have in store.

These food video reviews are created by a talented crew of 50+ reviewers, among them influential bloggers like
Luxeat and London Eater, in collaboration with Showbox (that’s us!). The end result is a wide collection of studio-quality videos with rich stock footage and vibrant backgrounds, covering a variety of world cuisines: East Asian, Italian, Indian and more.

A short video to see how these video restaurant reviews come to life, step-by-step:)

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Here are 3 more videos that Showbox is proud to present: 



8 reviews and restaurant bloggers, including Gary Berry, the founder of The Foodaholic, explain how works, without forgetting to give some valuable advice for all food lovers, of course!:)

 Looking for a great Gastropub in Chiswick, a district in west London with the oldest and largest London’s brewery, Fuller’s Brewery? Watch this video, created by Em, owner of food blog Catch 52, and find out.

Been to the west of London, why not go to the east? Hear it from Kang, a restaurant blogger from London and the owner of blog with 33 million visitors. His top gastropub choice in east London is Marksman. Watch to find out why.

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Liran Adani

Video and Marketing Operation Specialist @ Showbox Liran loves keeping up with all the latest trends in video marketing, tools and platforms. Trends are her thing even outside of work: she is always on the hunt for the next big thing in fashion and has already made a few Showbox fashion videos using Lists and Countdown formats, which are her favorites.

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