November 02, 2016 / Liran Adani

6 videos That Seek To Change American Minds About The Election

Online media holds a ton of power during elections: it not only changes people’s minds about the candidates with a success rate of almost 50% (all you need is a top-ranking piece of content about a certain candidate), but also becomes people's favorite source of news in 35% of cases - and a big role here is given to online video.  

The upcoming elections seems to have fallen into powerful hands of the media as well.


Since 2015, people have watched over 110 million hours of election-related videos on YouTube; and, if it was a controversial video they were watching, chances are it would get higher engagement and coverage with more views and heated discussions because this is how humans are wired: they are addicted to video and love controversy.  

So now what? Since the hunt for higher engagement scores is crucial to marketers, we can’t help but notice how digital assets are becoming filled with videos about the elections (and who said you cannot try to influence the way people think as you go?). Take BuzzFeed for example: the crew is all ready to live-stream as the big election night unfolds. What’s more, the online publisher, like many others (including NowThis), has created an election dedicated Facebook page full of related news and online videos.  

Let’s have a look at 6 election videos that are good examples of how online video seeks to stir things up and alter decisions:

  1. Sure you’ve seen lots of debate videos - some of them shorter, some longer. This one from Fox31 (created using Showbox, btw :) ) shows you the highlights of the entire Clinton vs. Trump debate, without losing any details that may be crucial to potential voters. Have a look:
  1. NowThis Election posted the Trump Ali G interview video only hours ago (at the time of writing), but this video already has more than a million views and lots of comments on Facebook. See the video below:
  1. Heard of the Fear of Missing Out, aka FOMO? PopSugar Celebrity video uncovers why you need to vote this November and not let FOMO crush you. What’s your reason?
  1. BuzzFeed Politics poses a good question: how do the young ‘survive’ the elections? A neat look at the younger generation voting patterns with lots of real time candidates-related interviews. Check it out:
  1. Putting Clinton in a controversial light, Vox’s video has already received more than 9 million views and more than a million shares. Looking at the number of comments, the topic has deeply touched people in the US (and possibly beyond). What are your thoughts?  


  1. Huffington Post video takes the sixth place in our elections video chart. A number of cuts from different sources skillfully highlights the feelings of the American public about Trump’s latest statement on not accepting the elections results. Watch below:

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