June 09, 2016 / Liran Adani

Creating A Memorable and Effective YouTube Channel Trailer for Your Business

Seeing as YouTube is the second most popular search engine after to Google (technically it is Google...), and then assuming that the phrase, “you’re only as good as you’re googled” is real (it is), then your business’s YouTube channel is nothing to scoff at.
In this article, we plan on helping show you how to create a YouTube channel trailer.

First impressions are everything, and when a potential customer lands on your YouTube page, they have a choice to make. Are they captivated enough by what they see on your page to stay and watch?

Your YouTube channel trailer is exactly that - it’s a preview for people who land on your YouTube page, and aren’t already subscribers. It’s the trailer for your movie, the cover to your book, the free sample of your product, the front door to your metaphorical mansion of wonders! At least it should feel that way to your viewers.

So, since it’s that important, here are the important points for learning how to make a YouTube channel trailer:



YouTube Channel Trailer Tips

1)Keep it short. 

creating a memorable and effective youtube channel trailer for your business

Your channel trailer should be between 2-3 minutes. Afterall, they’re really just watching to find out if your videos are worth their time, so don’t make them wait too long.

2)Assume nothing.

Your business could be about how to build toy airplanes for all they know. Assume that most people who land on your channel know nothing about you. Which means your video needs to both give them a preview of what your channel is all about, but also give a very clear explanation of who you are as a business and what it is that you do exactly.

3)Cool it on the bells and whistles.  

creating a memorable and effective youtube channel trailer for your business

The term “Peacocking” works well here -- you want to get their attention, but if you add too much “stuff” it’ll just get distracting. Music, graphics, pictures, cool transitions, sound effects… etc -- all these things are great, in moderation. Adding too many extras to a video that needs to be short would be like adding more icing to an already perfectly frosted cake. It’s too much of a good thing!

4)Show, don’t tell.  

creating a memorable and effective youtube channel trailer for your business

Using voice over to explain what your channel is all about can be useful, especially considering how easy it is to add in… but -- as much as possible -- try to show and not tell. Film school instructors say that LOT to aspiring screenwriters.

Don’t have your character announce to the camera, “I’m thinking about something very important!” Instead, have him stare out a window and furrow his brow.

Don’t tell us what kind of videos you have, or what your company is all about, or what your product can do…. SHOW US!

5)Use clips from your best videos.

Be sure that when you do show us, you show us the really good stuff. Your most viewed videos are most viewed for a reason, take this opportunity to show off a bit.

6)Annotate annotate annotate!

On YouTube, you can add annotations to your videos. Annotations are pop-ups, pictures or text, that link to somewhere else, outside of the video. The best way to use annotations in your YouTube trailer would be at the end of your video. For example, add an annotation with a call to action: “Watch more toy airplane videos!” and then link to a playlist of yours. You can also link to other videos, or just link right back to your channel. Check out YouTube’s tips to learn more.

7)Keep it fresh.  

creating a memorable and effective youtube channel trailer for your business

Update your YouTube trailer regularly, and especially after you’ve had a particularly successful new video. Don’t let the editing process scare you away from creating new videos on the regular. With Showbox, you can make one video, then save it as your own format - like a blueprint - that you can easily go back into, and replace old footage.

8)Start strong.

Get right to the point. Whether you want to begin your trailer with a host speaking directly to camera, or with a colorful and exciting montage of your best videos, don’t waste any time getting to the good stuff. We don’t need a long, sweeping shot of a sunset with your logo slowly coming into view. Pretty - sure, but keep that stuff out of your YouTube trailer.

9)Finish strong.  

creating a memorable and effective youtube channel trailer for your business

If you’ve made it this far, and you’ve followed all the tips mentioned above , then don’t slow down at the finish line! End your trailer with a call to action that can inspire new viewers to subscribe, or watch more videos.

Because just like you at this very moment, you’ve managed to hold their attention long enough that they might just be curious enough to click that link you tell them they should try out…

Because curiosity might just get the best of them, they might just click it, and it might just change their video watching and creating lives forever...

Now that you know how to make a good YouTube channel trailer, it’s time to get to work.

Create your own YouTube trailer with Showbox today!

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Video and Marketing Operation Specialist @ Showbox Liran loves keeping up with all the latest trends in video marketing, tools and platforms. Trends are her thing even outside of work: she is always on the hunt for the next big thing in fashion and has already made a few Showbox fashion videos using Lists and Countdown formats, which are her favorites.

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