October 04, 2016 / Katya Fainbark

Are You failing as a Content Manager? Test Yourself

Monday morning at work. You, a content marketing manager, make yourself a cup of coffee, jot down all your ideas and go to your weekly kick-off meeting. At the end of the meeting, you come to realize:

  1. There’s lots to do.
  2. There’s lots to do.
  3. There’s lots to do.

You can be part of those 30% of digital marketers who believe their brand does an A-1 and effective job at content marketing, even with a million of tasks on your shoulders; but - in case you are part of those 70% who think otherwise - keep reading!

It just may be a matter of these 5 content marketing management (even if you write content yourself) mistakes that take you down. Once you expose them, it will be much easier to get on the path towards those magic 30%. So, here we go:

1. [You Forget Your Team Is Not A Swiss Clock]

are you failing as a content manager? take this test

Let’s get it out in the open - quality matters more than quantity, when it comes to content. It’s the quality of the content that makes your audiences fall in love with your brand. It’s no wonder that Doug Kessler once said: “Traditional Marketing talks at people, Content Marketing talks with them.”

You need time for quality content. With that said, there’s only a limited amount of quality content you or your team can create at a given time. You can say: “Sure, I knew that already!”, but many content managers and content writers fall victims to jeopardizing their content marketing strategies because they simply can’t accept their limits. We are all human, folks! Not Swiss clocks.

How to fix it? Try creating a content calendar in advance. I personally am hooked to the Hubspot calendar tool. The feature that helps me out a lot is the one that can organize all my content marketing campaigns by channels or names, so it will be easier to track performance.

But before you turn to any calendar tool, talk each task over with your team to set up correct expectations, track performance and you are golden!

2. [You Can’t Let Go]

Over the years I came to realize that many content managers are perfectionists at heart. Let’s say you have a piece of content you’ve written or your team has given it to you for a review.

You start to go over it. You’ve got so many ideas that bump into your head. You want to make it perfect, correcting every comma, deleting, adding...it can go on forever. Does it ring any bells?

Fixing tips:

Stop for a second. Breathe. Try to answer these questions:

  • Do you remember the big picture?
  • Does your constant editing improve it or is it a total waste of your time?

No? Then it’s probably time to move on; go over it once and let go. At the end of the day, you have a specific audience to write for and a very specific purpose to achieve.

Content from your marketing team deserves going through the same process. Try to look at your content management role in a different way: help to overcome obstacles and increase team’s output by giving examples, without necessarily correcting the work done.

As a content manager, you’re still making a valuable contribution. Let your team of ace content writers show their experience in full force with you as just their coach. After all, everyone has a coach - even Oprah!

3. [You Don’t Pick The Social Media Fit For Your Brand]

are you failing as a content manager? take this test

Got content? It’s time to promote it.

Nowadays, no brand can live without a social media strategy; social media is here, so that your brand can drive engagement, traffic and maximum connections - all that with content.

Did you know that Facebook the most versatile social media platform, great to build connections with different people all around? Twitter, on the other hand, is perfect for creating quick connections.

Effective social media is more than just picking the right outlet. According to Hubspot, your brand’s industry and the season in which you post your content also matters.

It’s not enough for your brand to be on social media and start posting like your life depends on it.

Fixing tips: Try doing some research and learn what social media outlets make your audiences tick and what social media is best for your brand.

4. [You Don’t Pull The Plug When It Hits The Fan]

When does it hit the fan? When poor-quality content gets mixed up in your content plan. It’s a very bad idea to let bad content hide in there, yet so many fail to take it out.

What is low-quality content?

Imagine you’ve got three of your brand’s product features you’d like to cover, big and small. You create three posts: two for the big ones and one for the small.

The post for the small ones seems to have no special weight and does not add valuable information. If so, there’s no point in carrying dead weight, right? Toss it out and put the smaller features descriptions somewhere in the other two posts.

Fixing tips: Try to picture what’s the purpose of each of your content pieces before you or your team put fingers on a keyboard.

5. [You Publish Content When All You Can Think About Is A Bed And A Pillow]

are you failing as a content manager? take this test

Digital word does not rest, but you should. Even if your brand is global and you have audiences in multiple timezones - rest.

How many times have you found yourself going above and beyond to make sure all the content gets published before the end of day? Hunger for content can never be completely fulfilled.

It does not mean you should not try. But, publishing content when you are tired can lead to:

  • Sending content to the wrong person/mailing list
  • Including broken links into content
  • Providing false information about a topic
  • Insulting someone

And then you are left with a lot of damage control work. So, you’d be working double (not to mention you’d be embarrassed). Not sure you want that…

Fixing tips:

It all comes down to not creating or publishing content when feeling drained. Try setting up a work day schedule for yourself or your team. For instance, I know that my best output is between 7am - 13pm, and I adjust accordingly.

Another tip? Have frequent breaks during your work day. As strange as it may sound, “living a little” at work actually boosts productivity.

Unfortunately, dangerous content managing habits are not limited to the above. Check out our 5 Bold User Generated Video Campaigns eBook to see how 5 epic brands aced their UGC video campaign management.

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