March 28, 2017 / Liran Adani

10 Video Marketing Blogs To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

We all have our moments; moments when our muse has escaped us to find better days, moments when our next video marketing move seems nowhere to be found. It’s during these moments that we crave a little inspiration.

Sound familiar?

Inspiration usually comes from the most unexpected sources, doesn’t it? Some of us find it in the office kitchen, some when walking on the beach or singing in the shower, and some use the old-fashioned way of scouring the web for the latest news and tips on video marketing blogs.

Are you more of video marketing blogs kind of person? Then this list of best blogs should satisfy your craving for the next several weeks for sure. Here are 10 best video marketing blogs and sites to visit when your muse has left the house:

[1] Think with Google


With a pretty robust section on video, Google covers trendy topics like the psychology of video, video advertising, video and different generations, gender differences and video viewing - you name it! If you are up for a pretty large scoop of inspiration, this is one of the first places to go. Plus, you get to put (and I’m quoting here): “Google data, research, and insights behind your thinking.”

[2] Video Brewery Blog


Video Brewery marketing blog rightfully takes one of the first places on the list. Aside from being a great source of inspiration for busy marketers, what I like about this blog is that it’s very easily digestible.

Not only you don’t have to search for a meaning in the dictionary for each industry-related word, but it's got clear design. Don’t know about you, but for me, the way I consume information means a great deal! It’s just darn hard to remember stuff if the place you’re reading it from goes overboard with colors, logos and so on.

[3] Social Media Examiner


Does the question of video on social media keep you up at night? Then, this video marketing blog will do its best to calm you down. The neat thing about it is, you can listen to most of the blog posts!

The blog digs deep into video marketing, giving you:

  • Guides
  • Expert interviews
  • Video KPI tips
  • [The list goes on]

You know, the everyday stuff marketers usually care about.

[4] Business2Community

10 Video Marketing Blogs To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing - Business2Community

From general video marketing predictions to handy tips, data and insights - that’s what best describes this blog - well, a section, to be exact - you got examples of all the do’s in video marketing and what to avoid at all costs.

When air is getting dry and no ideas come to mind, this is a great place to visit for both B2B and B2C companies.

[5] Tubular Insights Blog

10 Video Marketing Blogs To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing - Tubular Insights

If you are up for boosting your video marketing intelligence, Tubular Insights should be on your ‘best-blogs’ list. Think of Tubular Insights as a blanket, covering you from head to toe with all things related to online videos for business.

Visiting this video marketing blog usually means you’ll catch a wave of trends, ideas, analysis and takes on the latest news. These guys have a lot of how-tos, “what it means for” kind of blog posts and statistics as well - so dig in!

[6] Convince and Convert


Ok, this is not a “video marketing only” blog, but don’t you think it’s even better that way? You got stuff to read on a variety of marketing topics: community management, social media, influencer marketing and, amongst all, content marketing.

The site is full of “X steps” and “how-tos”, so it should keep your head organized for a while.

[7] Vimeo Blog


Thinking of going 360? Good! Because, as of right now, Vimeo video marketing blog puts 360 videos at the top of their strategy. You can find other stuff there as well, like industry updates, interviews, opinions, tutorials and tips to boost your video marketing strategy.

[8] VideoInk


These guys are exactly who they say they are: “curat[ing] major headlines and opinion pieces” in the video marketing world. After spending a little one-on-one time with the blog, you feel like there’s no need to go anywhere else.

Remember that Matrix (Part 1) moment when they start teaching Neo Kung-Fu, and how he claims that he knows it within seconds? That’s the feeling!

[9] Entrepreneur


Another worthy blog site on the list, even though it’s not entirely about video marketing. What I like most about it (and I hope you will too) is the variety of voices the posts are written in which makes it easy to read and consume educational content like a sponge.

[10] Marketing Tech News

10 Video Marketing Blogs To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing - Marketing Tech News

Rich and high quality marketing resource to turn to at the time of need. Not only you can learn it all about content marketing, social media, data and video, but ads as well.

Visiting Marketing Tech will give the so-much desired inspiration to those of you who wish to dig deep into branding and marketing strategies. It will also boost performance for those craving for just a little kick in the right direction.

So, there it is! Your own list of best blogs to turn too when it seems like things are going nowhere in marketing. If you still need a hand with video marketing, we can help.

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