March 30, 2017 / Yarden Leshem

4 Winning User Generated Content Campaign Tips from Doritos

For one of the crunchiest chips brands, Doritos, user generated content campaigns have become an annual event. The brand has turned its followers into co-creators - and it’s been like that for 10 years straight. All the fun has been happening on the background of the biggest sports event of the year - the Super Bowl - under the campaign hashtag #CrashTheSuperBowl.

What’s This User Generated Campaign about?

Starting from 2006, the brand’s followers were actively creating their own versions of Doritos’ ads, with the winning ad to air during the game. Brand’s followers also had a lot of say in determining which ads would become top finalists.

What are the best practices to engage your followers? Our blog post will help you identify if you’re doing everything right.

During the very first year of the campaign 2006, over 1000 30-second videos were submitted by Doritos’ community. As for the brand itself, with the rise in campaign’s popularity, the bar for the prizes given was also raised, coming up to $1M bucks.

The below ad ‘Live the Flavor’ is the pioneer among the winners - the very first user generated ad run during the Super Bowl. It was also voted as the 4th best commercial of the game. And why wouldn’t it be one of the best? The humor is going through the roof.

Followers’ creativity got rewarded over the years, with campaign hosts throwing in bonus prizes for the top ad, and later for the top three ads. To offer more options for followers to talk about and spice things up, Doritos partnered with Pepsi Max in 2010-2011.

How Did It Play Out?

 via GIPHY

Tons of exposure, coverage and user generated content ideas - and Doritos has its followers to thank for that. At some point, video entries started coming from as many as 29 countries, turning the campaign into a global phenomenon.

It was the sea of user generated content that made search engines fall in love with Doritos. According to Marketing Land, in 2015 alone, the brand was the first one of the major Super Bowl advertisers that appeared in search engines’ results.

This is what this campaign meant for Doritos, number-wise:

  • A 42.8% increase in brand worth
  • 36,000 entry submissions with the rise in likes and shares
  • In 2015 alone, Doritos got over 7M YouTube views

As you might have heard, 2016 marked the last year for the campaign. Why? Business Insider points out that it’s because of user generated content evolution. Although, it does not mean Doritos wants to kill UGC efforts; they are just changing the flow - we’ll all be waiting for its next campaign.

This ad is the last winner - ‘Swipe for Doritos’:


Hot Tips

So what’s the bottom line for other marketers planning to run user generated campaigns?

  • Learn to adjust - You can see how #CrashTheSuperBowl developed over time. Don’t marry your first idea for a user generated campaign; you can always play with it.
  • Keep up the engagement - it does not end with a submission. Keep up the engagement by letting followers vote and share, like in Doritos’ case.
  • Encourage storytelling - let creative juices flow by allowing followers to tell personal stories, without simply putting emphasis on brand’s products.
  • Success is for everyone - You don’t have to be a giant to be successful. Your campaign scope may be smaller, but the results can still show themselves when you think ahead about every step and choose the right tools to run your campaigns.  

Doritos’ success story isn’t the only one; there is a sea of great user generated content campaign examples to look at.

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