April 26, 2017 / Yarden Leshem

6 Reasons Why Your Platform Is Missing a Video Creation Solution

Video is everywhere, and so are the many options for creating it. Countless services and software are available, ranging from simplistic to professional.

But is external video creation the only option? Why have your users leave your platform? With a built-in video creation solution, you can ensure a seamless integration, tailor made for your users’ needs and to your desired experience.

Is a built-in video creation solution what you’ve been missing? We think so. Here are 6 reasons why:

[1] Video helps any kind of conversion

Is it a learning platform? Or maybe your users showcase their portfolios or perhaps promote their businesses on it? No matter the answer, video always adds more depth. Instead of reading plain old text, or using still product images, your users can provide a more meaningful experience for their prospects by helping them get a better understanding of the offering and essentially getting more conversions.

See this great example of a real estate video made to enhance the seller’s listing:

[2] Your users are already making videos on their own

If videos are already in the making, giving them the ability to make more, at scale and on the spot, will give them and your platform a huge advantage. Making your platform a one-stop-shop allows your users to focus on what’s important - selling their products, and helps you make sure all videos have a specific look and feel relevant for your platform, as well as a consistent level of quality throughout all the videos created by different users.

[3] Help your users attract more business

We all, as service providers, need to constantly think of new ways to make sure our product stands out. Writing long chunks of descriptive texts and even great images won’t cut it anymore. That’s where videos come to the rescue, helping your users get more eyeballs on their offerings, and as a result more traffic, and hopefully more business.

For example this cool video selling coffee mugs: 


Empower your users with video today!


[4] Stay in control over the videos your users are creating

giphy (30).gif

When video creation is a part of your platform, you’d probably want to monitor what your users are creating. An analytics dashboard will help you keep track of what exactly is being created, as well as analyze and make informative long-term content decisions, guiding your users to better results.

[5] Keep your users on your platform longer

Say you’ve implemented a built-in video creation solution, awesome! Now that your users don’t have to leave your platform in order to pimp up their offerings with an externally-made video, you get to boost time spent and user retention rates on your platform, but most importantly- have satisfied users that get the results they’re looking for.

[6] Get the ball rolling

Since we’re talking video here, I think watching a video about how you too can get started with implementing an all inclusive video creation solution can help fill in the holes:

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