September 10, 2015 / Yarden Leshem

5 Ways to use Video to Connect with your Community | Showbox

No matter what vertical you’re in, from art, to business, and everything in between - connecting with your online community should always be a priority. These days, people are much more interested in watching unique and engaging content as opposed to traditional advertising. Making meaningful connections with fans and consumers will help keep you focused on what’s important to them, allowing you to continually grow together. Here are some ways for you to keep the conversation going with your community, so that you can not only survive, but thrive!

1) Tell stories

There are stories everywhere if you are looking for them. Aim to entertain in addition to promote; my new favorite word is “advertainment!”

ways to use video to connect with your community

Instead of telling people to go buy your album, sit down and tell them the story of how it was created. Instead of making another commercial for your company, tell your community about the struggle you had when you were first putting it all together. Stories are memorable, relatable, and perhaps most importantly when it comes to growing your community: sharable.

Better yet, let your communities create videos for you. Check out our 5 Bold UGC Video Campaigns to Steal eBook with some great examples.

2) Share behind the scenes videos

Who doesn’t love a peek behind the curtain? Showing how you operate behind the scenes can help to build trust within your community. Gaining perspective and understanding of how things work can put people at ease. Show them your human side, and they’ll thank you for it!

ways to use video to connect with your community

3) Share their moments

Sharing videos of first-hand experiences from a fan or customer’s point of view will help to organically grow your community.  

Creating a call to action to send you videos of themselves will up your engagement. And! When you include personal stories, the folks in the video will also share it with their community. This way, you have organic recommendations coming in, and even more content going out!

4) Ask them questions

When deciding whether or not to become a part of a community, most people rely on recommendations from friends. Seek out people in your community who have been involved for a while, and capture their testimonials on camera. By creating an interview situation, you have much better control over the content, and can pinpoint the subject you want to cover. Breathe some life into that FAQ page!

ways to use video to connect with your community

5) Be helpful

One of the most searched terms on YouTube is “how to____.” You can figure out how to do just about anything on the internet! Change a tire, flambe a banana, apply eyeliner, play guitar - if it can be done, someone is willing to show you how to do it. Creating helpful videos is a way to give back to your community, create more shareable content, and organically keep your name at the front of their minds.

ways to use video to connect with your community

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