April 26, 2017 / Yarden Leshem

5 Ways Influencers can Turbocharge Your UGC Marketing

UGC and influencer marketing are different concepts. But like everything in marketing, for best results, combining your efforts can always help, here’s why:

1. Influencers move people

Back in 2012, Nielsen research concluded that 92% of people trust other people’s recommendations (even if they aren’t their friends), more than they do brands. Asking influencers to pitch in for your next user generated content campaign works twice as good: they are leaders in their fields who have already earned the trust of their many followers. So, it’s only logical that if they advocate for a product, their followers will follow.

2. Influencers encourage sharing

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Who wouldn’t want to share the news of participating in a contest run by Justin Bieber or Beyonce? Who wouldn’t want to make a video just like Jimmy Kimmel’s? Well, it depends on your target market of course, but chances are the number of participants will skyrocket.

3. Picking influencers who speak to your target market

So how do you choose influencers for your user generated content campaigns? I’m sure there’s a ton of stuff written on the topic, but the truth is, it all starts with the most overlooked best practice:

No matter how much money you spend on influencer marketing, no matter how long your UGC marketing campaigns run - if you fail to choose the right influencer for your target market, it’s all a moot point. Casey Neistat would not appeal to my parent’s generation, any more than the Scorpions would to anyone born after 1990. You get the point...


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4. Don’t pick randomly

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It’s not enough for someone to post once or twice a month on social media, for them to be considered an influencer. When on the hunt , choose the ones with a solid follower base; who post frequently on social media and engage with their followers.

5. Interest in your brand is crucial

For influencers to truly help you run your user generated video campaign, it shouldn’t just be about the money- it’s the passion for your products that is more likely to get the ball rolling.

So, before putting an influencer in the center of your user generated video campaigns, make sure they are actually relevant for your brands. How do you do that? Check their audience to see if the right people for your brand are following them; Dive into the content they are already creating to make sure their tone of voice is inline with the messages your brand is trying to convey.

If you follow these 5 ways, that in my opinion are crucial for a great UGC branded campaign, I assure you you’ll get results you’d be proud to present in your next company meeting, and at a fraction of the price in comparison to other online marketing campaigns and activities.

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