August 27, 2015 / Liran Adani

4 Ways To Make Summer Last Forever with Showbox | Showbox

Summer is the best!. The temperature is up, cool sunglasses are put on sun-kissed faces, and things are being BBQ’d. Summer is for letting loose and making memories, and what better way to make summer last forever, than to create an awesome home video?!

Showbox was built by some serious video creation and graphic design pros, sure - but that doesn’t mean we can’t use it to have a little fun with saving our summer memories! With Showbox, you can make a visual photo album that will last you years to come - mixing photo, video, and even text.
Here are 4 simple ways you make summer last forever with Showbox:

Video Montage

String a bunch of awesome videos together, and by using on screen text and voice over, you can tell the story of your awesome summer with beautifully built online video. Use video content from your camera, your phone, or files on your computer. But start collecting soon, because the chance to sign up for our waitlist is almost over…



Photo + Video Montage

Because more is always better! We know your camera phone never has enough space, so sometimes we are forced to take a good old fashioned photographs. But with Showbox, we can help you bring those photos to LIFE with awesome graphic openings, transitions and more. Tell the full story of your summer, from selfies, to funny moments caught on video, and sweet moments captured in photos - no limits!

ways to make summer last forever

Be The Host Of Your Own Memory Show

A picture is worth a thousand words - and even though Showbox can help you add on screen text, 1,000 words might be a bit much for one screen ;)

With our super cool studio templates (free greenscreen-less video background replacement technology!), you can stand front and center, and say, “Hey friends! Remember that time Bob and Susan tipped over in that canoe?! They had to swim all the way back to shore, fighting a giggle fit the whole time, while the private lake owners screamed at them to get out! We may not have been able to get it all on film, but here’s a shot of the two of them after they finally completed their adventure.”

ways to make summer last forever with showbox

Then, you can show the photo and everyone will be like “That’s so awesome!” and you’ll be like, “I know, I did it all on my own.” And then they’ll be like “What’s that thing that says Showbox?” And you’ll be like, “Shhhhh.”

We won’t tell ;)

Top 5 Summer Moments Countdown

If you can choose just 5 of the best summer moments, then this might be the video idea for you!
Customize your opening with cool text and graphics, then get in front of the camera yourself and introduce your Top 5 Summer moments. Start your countdown off with your #5 favorite moment using video, images and text (that Summer lake house was pretty great, wasn’t it?)

ways to make summer last forever
Then, for #4, maybe you’ll use a fullscreen video (hopefully someone captured that time Phyllis made that epic basketball shot at the company picnic), then for #3, you can use a collection of images, with or without text! We like options.

Showcase your #2 best moment from summer (Tom running across the finish line of the marathon, or Chris holding a hand stand for 5 minutes straight?). Then for your #1 favorite moment of summer, step on screen and finish the story of the best summer ever, in a fancy looking studio (background replacement technology FTW) complete with video and photos.

The best part? It’s super easy.

Oh wait, just kidding, the best part? It’s free.

Or, maybe we should just let YOU decide what the best part is!? Sign up for our beta and get a chance to have the coolest video at the block party.

Your Story. Your show.

Liran Adani

Video and Marketing Operation Specialist @ Showbox Liran loves keeping up with all the latest trends in video marketing, tools and platforms. Trends are her thing even outside of work: she is always on the hunt for the next big thing in fashion and has already made a few Showbox fashion videos using Lists and Countdown formats, which are her favorites.

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