January 23, 2017 / Yarden Leshem

3 Reasons Product Videos Get the Ball Rolling for You & Your Users

Let’s face it: product videos have a lot to offer. They come as a great substitute for customers who can’t actually visit you in reality, and most importantly - they work: each time a prospect watches a product video, their overall understanding of that product increases by 74%. Aside from that, a product video can actually help sales skyrocket, partly because after watching a product video people's intent to buy it rises by 73%.

Now, imagine if every user you’ve got on your platform or app posts a product video. Not only will it boost their business, but yours as well since you provide them with tools that make their business successful. Read on to see why creating videos for products is essential for every marketer.

It turns out the more emotionally connected people feel to product videos, the more likely they are to decide to buy.

Let’s say you’ve got video creation API integrated into your web platform or app, allowing your users to create videos right on the spot - and let’s imagine they have already made a bunch of product videos. What do their prospects and your business get out of this?

1) Product Videos Promise a Bigger Picture

product videos promise a bigger picture

Making product videos for each of the products your users have on your platform will likely automatically give their prospects more detailed information about what they’ve got to offer.

Say your users have a product or service they want to promote using your app or platform, and they’ve made product videos featuring it. One product video focuses on the features; the other puts customer service in focus, and the third one talks about pricing. Right away those who watch the videos have a deeper understanding of what’s in store.

After getting a bigger picture about what’s being offered, chances of potential prospects buying the product or signing up for the service increase, and so do the chances of your platform’s user successfully promoting it. What’s more, because that user will likely be happy with the results your platform provided, he’ll be using your platform more often - so, everybody wins.

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2) A Look at the Products from Different Angles

product videos give a look at the products from different angles

 Say same platform user wants to go global with their product or service, attracting different age groups.

Although one product video surely wouldn’t hurt, but it won’t be enough to cover it all. The way they’d talk to their American audience is probably different from the way they would talk with the European one. Plus, chances are, they wouldn’t talk the same way to the young generations as they would to the older ones. Creating multiple product videos can be a solution here, with each of them focusing on different generations and audiences.

3) Full Scope of Features

If your users’ product or service has many features, multiple product videos can do a great job of showing them all. After all, it can be quite hard to fit all the features into one product video; and even if your users are successful with this, viewers may find it quite confusing. Face it, a ton of information is being provided!

What’s the Takeaway Here?

Every product video your users create is more than just a set of frames, the videos actually provide valuable information; and multiple product videos are more than just one product video, - that’s why they bring more results. They are a bridge to reach a diversity of audiences, making sure those audiences understand what is being offered to them from A to Z.

The best thing is, that bridge can be built without your users leaving your web platform or app.

In case you’re ready to start helping your users to build that bridge, so that all of you can grow your businesses, we’ll be happy to give you all the building blocks, starting with an API for video creation.

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